Squarebox announces the inclusion of AppTek’s ASR into the CatDV platform for full transcript, time-stamped metadata.

July 17, 2017 – Square Box Systems is happy to announce the inclusion of Application Technology (AppTek)’s neural network speech recognition into the CatDV platform for the creation of full transcript, time-stamped metadata.

“At Square Box, we are always innovating,” said Dave Clack, CEO of Square Box Systems. “Adding artificial intelligence capabilities to our flagship CatDV MAM platform is just the latest example. CatDV is the pioneer of cost effective Media Asset Management and Workflow Automation. As the industry makes another leap forward with machine learning, CatDV can unlock the value in these transformative technologies.”

AppTek’s Media Asset Optimization technology leverages proprietary, neural network Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to create full transcripts of audio and video assets. The transcripts are time stamped at the word level and are easily matched with existing metadata taxonomies to improve internal asset discoverability as well as SEO.

“AppTek has been developing and deploying language technology for over 25 years,” stated Adam Sutherland, AppTek’s CEO. “Our long, successful track record coupled with the fact that we have our own proprietary ASR models for news, entertainment, telephony and others means that the accuracy of our base models is world class. It also means that we can leverage our machine learning expertise to tailor a model for each end user. Speech recognition and other AI platforms can benefit greatly from specific model training for specific use cases. This is very difficult, and often impossible, for companies reselling ASR technologies.”

JB&A of San Rafael, California introduced AppTek and Squarebox as part of their Channel Partner Development program. Nick Smith, JB&A’s Director of Media Technologies added, “This is a perfect example of how we work with our network partners to bring emerging technologies into existing workflows for increased productivity, efficiency and profit. Far beyond just the important introductions, we design the integration solutions and workflows with all the partners and, very often, assist in the initial deployments”.

The CatDV integration is initially for English and Spanish, but AppTek’s ASR is available in 14 languages and the parties continue to explore other markets and languages where their partnership can be impactful.

Square Box Systems is a privately owned software company specializing in media asset management and production workflows. Its industry-leading CatDV application, launched in 2001, brings order to the chaos of media file management by making it easy for content owners to repurpose and monetize their assets. Offering a powerful, user-friendly toolset and streamlined integration with a multitude of media workflow vendors, the CatDV software runs on Mac and Windows platforms and can be scaled from small workgroups to multiuser enterprise solutions managing millions of assets. In 2012, Square Box Systems was awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Innovation, conferred by HM Queen Elizabeth II. CatDV has also been honored with a number of awards including Creative Cow’s Blue Ribbon for Best Asset Management Tool and Videography Magazine’s Best of NAB Vidy Award. Based in the U.K., Square Box Systems sells CatDV globally through a network of distributors and resellers providing workflow design, local installation, consultancy, and support. More information is available at http://www.squarebox.com.

As a pioneer in automatic speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence; AppTek partners with its customers to provide solutions focused on closed captioning and subtitling, call center content discovery and mobile intelligent voice agents. In today’s hyper-connected and data-rich marketplace, enterprises are seeking to drive revenue, save costs and increase productivity. Customers rely on AppTek to solve for these issues by delivering the market’s robust speech technology solutions focused on mining for business insights, ensuring compliance and delivering value across the enterprise. For more information, visit http://www.apptek.com.

Founded in 1996, JB&A is a leader in the field of Digital Media and Video Technology. They are dedicated to bringing the most innovative and complete solutions to market including: Media Management, Broadcast, IP & Streaming, Digital Display & Collaboration, and Connectivity & Image Resolution. JB&A is staffed by industry experts, and provides support in every step of the pre and post sales process. JB&A is a unique mix of Consultant, Channel Partner, Solutions Provider and Distributor with an ecosystem of certified, tested and proven products and workflow solutions. For more information, please visit jbanda.com.