We’ve simplified streaming to Facebook Live for professional and business workflows.

Watch Shelby Smith, Customer Success Engineer at Osprey Video, and learn how the Talon H.264 hardware encoder has integrated with Facebook Live’s API to make professional quality, corporate video communication simple.


  • Facebook is the predominant force in online communication. While they have made it easy to post live video from your smart phone, posting from a professional video workflow is still cumbersome.
  • What can you use to simplify the process of posting corporate quality video on a regular basis to various Facebook Live tools? (…Talon?)
  • How can Talon and other Osprey products enhance production both with and without Facebook Live.
  • Why did Talon integrate the Facebook Live API but not YouTube, UStream, etc?


  • Create a One-Touch solution for Facebook Live streaming via Osprey Talon
  • Use Talon encoders and decoders for Point to Point Video transport on managed networks


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