Owning a green screen is only half the battle. In order to get a clean chroma key look, you need the software and hardware to make that possible.

In this episode of On the Bench, Nicholas Smith and guest Joseph “JT” Taylor, Sales Engineer, dive into the TriCaster TC1 to share how straightforward using a green screen can be. The NewTek TriCaster TC1 offers advanced chromakeying, spectacular live virtual sets, and more. Their tools help you create flawless video masterpieces with ease.


NewTek TriCaster TC1
The most complete production system available today, TriCaster TC1 represents the continued innovation of the iconic product that defined an industry. Designed with the way you work in mind and equipped with hundreds of advanced production capabilities, it has everything you need to do video your way today—and tomorrow.

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Phenomenal Creative Elements
With TriCaster TC1, you have the tools to turn every frame of video into an artistic masterpiece. Consider the screen a blank canvas and unleash your inner artist with multi-bus mix effects, zero-latency video re-entry, real-time animated titles, data-driven graphics, custom animated transitions, a full-motion composition engine, and more. Let your imagination run wild.

Spectacular Live Chromakeying
Think outside the box with real-time keying so crisp and clean, your viewers will never believe it’s green screen. With NewTek’s powerful LiveMatte™ technology built into every source channel and M/E, you have 40 fully configurable keyers to create composite scenes from live video, graphics and virtual sets for reports, presentations, demonstrations, and more.

TriCaster Virtual Sets
TriCaster live virtual sets are realistic, software-modeled studio environments that you can create in any 3D program and store right in the system. They allow you to place your talent into a high-end studio—without the expense, construction, and inflexibility of a physical set—no matter how small your production space is or what it looks like. All you need is basic lighting and a simple green screen or solid-color backdrop, and TriCaster will help turn your location into a sophisticated, network-style studio environment.

You can use Virtual Set Editor to create your own, but to get you started, each TriCaster model comes with several complete virtual sets in multiple styles and settings to give your location a professional makeover right out of the box. Take a tour and start planning the next big look for your small production space.

Holographic Virtual Sets
Virtual Sets are best when you need your on-screen talent to appear in a studio environment. But if you want to transport your stars on location to any site in the world–or even out of this world–you can, with Holographic virtual sets. These are 360-degree virtual environments that can be created from your own 3D models, or with panoramic images snapped with a smartphone or camera, when you use Virtual Set Editor (VSE) 2.5. NewTek includes a few samples in select TriCaster models so you can experiment hands-on with taking your vision to the next dimension.

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