Make Your Corporate Communication 80% More Effective with Video

You don’t need a broadcaster’s studio, a team of engineers, or a big budget to maximize events and hold your audience’s attention during conferences, meetings, and webinars.

Company meetings are supposed to be fun and exciting. Right? In reality, most corporate meetings consist of a video conferencing setup with one person standing in front of a camera reading from a boring PowerPoint slide while the employees try to stay awake. With the NewTek TriCaster, you have the production tools to make corporate communication interesting again.

Deliver engaging video with live streaming, multiple cameras, mixed media, and visual aids to retain audience attention and help them understand the information.

  • Conference in remote employees.
  • Make PowerPoint presentations more engaging.
  • Grab the attention of your attendees.

NewTek Insiders Guide ‣ 5 Key Video Strategies

corporate communication

Corporate communications for the modern enterprise.

Build your brand and your business through video.

Companies around the world are transforming the way they do business. They’re using the power of video to engage their customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. Whether you own a small business, run an ambitious startup, or manage a multinational corporation, NewTek’s software-driven video solutions can help you take control of your message, make your communications more effective, and boost your bottom line.

  • Tell your story your way. Create the content you envision, manage your message, market your products and services, and save money by bringing production and delivery in-house.
  • Connect with employees, anywhere. Live stream meetings, conduct real-time presentations, and implement on-demand training to increase engagement while conserving valuable resources.
  • Establish culture and build community. Capture the attention of potential clients, job candidates, and the public with compelling video communications that speak to your corporate environment.
  • Achieve remarkable reach. Take your video marketing to a whole new level with the capability to produce for any platform, from social media to corporate channels.



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