Have you ever struggled trying to capture video directly to your hard drive? The Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture allows you to capture video directly to storage for increased productivity. Plus, you can edit while recording — making you look like a rockstar when you need to have that finalized video ASAP. Watch episode 24 (above) to learn more while Nicholas Smith unboxes Telestream’s Lightspeed Live Capture on the bench.

Telestream Lightspeed Live Capture

Capturing video has always been the hardest part of video editing and production — from the early days, when you had to put a capture card in your computer to the invention of standalone recorders like AJA, Black Magic and Atomos. These were all great devices for mobile production or single cameras operations. However, they suffered from a couple of workflow issues. First, these standalone devices all record to onboard storage, so the workflow consists of stopping the recording session, pulling the hard drive and moving the files over to another computer…where you download to the primary storage…where the editor is waiting to work on it…and then, you have to wait to get the hard drive back. To me, workflow means your data flows and you just get to work on the production. Second, if you look at the list of supported codecs, most of the devices are limited to 2-3 codecs at the most. This all sounds like work stoppage to me.

Pipeline to Lightspeed.

Remember Telestream’s 2007 Pipeline? It had 4 channels of SDI in a box that took the video straight through a host computer right to your storage. With multiple codec choices, and an easy user interface, the Pipeline was way ahead of its time, and very cost effective when placed against large ingest servers from Grass Valley and Imagine. However, being ahead of your time means eventually you get replaced.

Enter in Telestream’s 2017’s Lightspeed Live Capture — still with 4 channels of SDI, but now, it’s a hosted experience. Meaning —  you no longer need the host computer between your storage and the live signal. This one pushes the captured video straight to the storage of choice. If you are using a NAS device, this means you have immediate access to those files for editing.

[ Complete list of the technical specs – HERE ]

Choose your workflow and your codec.

You could capture locally to ensure you have the file, or capture direct to storage for immediate access to the file — or better still, why not capture locally and use the built-in workflow tools to immediately start copying the file over to your network storage and begin processing the video.

You also have options for 24/7/365 scheduled recording of live feeds, RS-422 controlled capture from a VTR1, manual record and control through a simple automation Web Service API are available. Lightspeed Live Capture provides direct support for capturing into MXF OP1a, QuickTime or Telestream’s TIFO. For those wishing to maintain closed captions and other ancillary data, Lightspeed Live Capture can preserve this data via MXF, TIFO and Avid/Apple proprietary schemes.

Lightspeed Live Capture

Video Capture and Processing
Standalone capture, multiple server capture farm or integrated directly into Vantage Media platform

Lightspeed Live Capture is a flexible and scalable video capture solution supporting four (4) SD/3G-HD SDI inputs, or one (1) DCI 4K/UHD input, or Transport/RTMP IP inputs. Live Capture ingests into multiple video formats, creating high-resolution mezzanine concurrent H.264/AVC proxy files, and storing them to a large local media RAID or to external shared storage such as a NAS or SAN.

[ Learn more ‣ Lightspeed Live Capture – data sheet ]

Live Capture to Vantage
Create Live Capture and Tape Capture origin actions in the Vantage Workflow Designer to initiate smart, automated media processing workflows within a corresponding Vantage domain. Seamlessly and efficiently condition your media for contextualized viewing windows with correct branding, ads, captioning, ABR packaging, etc. from all from a single capture event.

Telestream Lightspeed live capture chart

EWR and shared storage needs.

Now that you know all about the box, let’s talk about EWR (Edit While Recording). EWR is a feature that’s often talked about, but it’s been hard to use as it requires the right hardware and codecs. Telestream has made it easy. The codecs are here and ready to be used, and Adobe has implemented the feature on their side — just drag the files to the bin and make a project file from them. Once done, you can pull it to the timeline, or use the Multicam feature to edit them in real time. The videos refresh over time showing you the new portion of the file awaiting edit.

You need more than just the codecs and Lightspeed Live Capture though. You need shared storage that can keep up as well. Remember, you are now ingesting and playing back at the same time —  so, double your stream count, and ask your storage provider if they can handle the data traffic.

Why would you want to edit while recording?

This is for you if you absolutely need to have a finalized video ready asap, or need to show the client a preview of your hard work while in studio. We’ve even seen Live TV producers use this to make a highlight reel or recap video from a production that can be placed on demand within minutes of the show airing. Live events that make quick cuts of the show can be available for purchase right away… Whatever your reasons, EWR could be the feature that speeds up your workflow and gets your content online making you more revenue.

Be sure to check out the case studies below, including one from FOX Sports, and contact JB&A’s experts with your workflow questions.


PRG Provided Live Video Services to a 2017 U2 Worldwide Concert Tour Using Lightspeed Live Capture

Lightspeed Live Capture enabled live capture of 4K/UHD concert footage, with simultaneous copying to multiple storage devices.

For U2’s 2017 Joshua Tree Tour, the band’s management team wanted to capture and archive all the live 4K and HD concert footage from each of the fifty-two concerts on the world-spanning international tour. The goal was to store and preserve this valuable footage for future use and access.

“Lightspeed Live Capture enabled the production to reduce its crew size and other operational expenses while accelerating delivery of the concert footage for edit and archive. When on the road for months at a time, these cost savings really add up.”
— Wolfgang Schram, Director of Video Engineering, Production Resources Group (PRG), Los Angeles, CA



Streamlining Live Remote Production: FOX Sports and the FIFA World Cup—Russia 2018

FOX Sports was looking to cover 64 World Cup matches in Russia while utilizing their Los Angeles production facilities. The solution was a revolutionary integration between Telestream and IBM Aspera, which enables high-quality streaming to remote teams in near real-time – all over standard IP networks.

Live captured feeds from Russia are delivered to FOX Sports’ Los Angeles production facility, where creative teams begin editing as the event is taking place, without waiting for files to be first written to disk and then transferred.



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