Unilumin is a leading LED application products and integrated solutions provider dedicated in LED product development, manufacturing, as well as worldwide sales and after-sales services.

Award-Winning LED Display Manufacturer

Unilumin aimes to provide all around solutions for indoor and outdoor LED to clients worldwide. Chris Danley, Executive Vice President of Sales at Unilumin USA, sits down with JB&A’s Nicholas Smith to share the Unilumin story in this video.




Unilumin’s award-winning UPanelS is 100% front serviceable, ADA compliant, and 16:9 LED display cabinet.

16:9 Aspect Ratio
The 16:9 Cabinets maintain 16:9 ratio when H and V cabinets are equal. Bezel-free.[i.e. 2 x 2 = 16:9, 3 x 3 = 16:9]

Fully Redundant Power and Data
Power, data and the control system can be wired for increased reliability.
Bi-directional power and data paths provide increased reliability for mission critical applications.

Special Features

  • Better contrast at low brightness than standard LED technology.
  • The frames ship separately from the modules for fast and safe assembly.
  • Automatic system monitoring of voltage, temperature, signal health, and LED modules.
  • Integrated Power and Data means no external cables.

Installation Options include:
ADA direct wall mount, free standing floor mount frames, and hanging beams.


Simple One Person Maintenance
It features intelligent front access for simple, one person maintenance — front removal for all modules (panels), power supplies, internal electronics, and cables.

Advanced Automatic Module Removal
When a special watch is held over the panel, an actuator releases the mechanism and pops the panel out for easy removal or replacement.


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