Nicholas Smith - technology chef

Technology “Chef”, Nicholas Smith

November’s here and it’s time to start thinking about food – of course when am I not thinking about food?  

Holiday meals bring family and friends together around the table to share delicious food. Whether your table features a turkey or you’re a ham house – it’s the side dishes that can really connect the meal, and make the main dish stand out. In our house, that special side dish is the green beans with onions and bacon. At your table, it might be the gravy or perhaps the cranberry dressing. No matter what your uniting dish, the same concept holds true in the tech world – there’s always one technology that holds the system together and makes it all work, just like a finely orchestrated holiday dinner.

Whatever working environment you may get pulled into, amazing technologies are readily available to enhance your business. In the live production world, it might be NewTek’s NDI – a near plug-and-play conduit and management path for all your live content to exist on the network. This allows production to be mobile, moving from the landlocked studio to wherever you need it to be. Maybe it’s Exterity’s ability to unify content – be that on-demand or live content, digital signage or the latest cafeteria menu all under one CMS. Or perhaps, for your client, it’s the API’s which tie together storage, archiving, transcoding, cloud delivery, and social media to one interface – No one will have to ask, “Where did we put that file?”.

No matter the kind of technology it may be – take a look at these recipes. These are the dishes that not only enhance the main course but complete the meal by tying it all together. For those of us in the technology industry, that is our job – We’re the chefs. Anyone can utilize one solution, but our role is to connect them all and cook-up a feast for our clients – so they can focus on enjoying the meal.


Nicholas Smith
Director of Media Technology – North America





Hollywood · November 7th
Silicon Valley · December 4th

Bring your colleagues and clients to:

 · See the latest, cutting-edge technology, set up and ready to demo

 · Receive personalized hands-on demos in an intimate setting

 · Ask questions of industry experts including Vendor Reps, JB&A Sales and Engineering staff

 · Solve your pain points with a customized workflow solution

 · Chance to Win one of these giveaways: GoPro HERO4, Lumens TapShare, Mevo Plus by vimeo, or Wirecast Pro




· Booth 1250

November 13 – 15

Orlando, Florida
Orange County Convention Center
West Building – West Concourse

WFX offers solutions training and education for today’s church. There’s something for everyone on your ministry teams with five conferences covering tech, facilities, safety and security, communications, and worship. Meet with JB&A’s Kyle Manzoni and Michael Bush to see Christie, Gefen, Lumens, NewTek, Unilumin, and Vimeo Livestream in booth 1025.




Aqualite OutdoorNEW VENDORS


Weather and Water Proof Outdoor Screens

Aqualite IP66 rated outdoor TV screens and monitors are purpose built, self contained, sealed TV units that are designed to withstand water and moisture in all its forms be it fog, rain, sleet or snow and can even withstand being cleaned by a high powered pressure washer or water hose.

These waterproof and weatherproof digital display screens and monitors are not to be confused with regular indoor TV screens that are protected by a waterproof enclosures or a weather resistant casing.  [ Data Sheet ]

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Live Video over Internet

Intinor develops products for high quality video and audio broadcast over computer networks. Their products are easy to use, mobile, robust, reliable and quiet.

Direkt Link: Compress and broadcast high quality video over the internet and other IP networks

Direkt Receiver: MPEG2/H.264-decoder receiving MPEG-streams

Direkt Router: Buffers and redistributes compressed video over IP networks

ISS: Statistics collection and supervision of video links

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