We are going to share with you our years of research into what is hands down the best codec for video production. If you are asking why, well it’s the most common question we get for clients, friends and family. It doesn’t matter if this is for editing video, streaming to the web or archiving content to the cloud everyone wants to know what the best codec is they should be using to get the job done.


Nobody knows, because there isn’t one. It comes down to whatever works best on your machine, with your storage and with your editing, or streaming system.


Let’s face it you probably don’t have a choice which codec to shoot in as most cameras only support a few codecs and your stuck with whatever they are. You can buy an outboard recorder that has a few more choices and maybe the one you want to use most.

But once all the shooting is done you have a choice – “do I edit in the codec I was given, or do I transcode?”


Whether you choose to edit native or transcode to another codec by the time you get to the end of the project you will be transcoding. Web version, HD versions, 4K renders, Youtube, Vimeo, Bluerays, DVD if you still hover in that era. Whatever it may be, you will be making various copies in various codecs.

And if you are really lucky and have a MAM then you have another copy of every file needing to be made called the proxy. This little gem can save you hours. Use them for offline editing, archive references or previews for clients on the web. But here’s the dirty little secret they take time and CPU cycles.


Telestream isn’t new to the world of transcoding. And if you have been around a while you would remember Episode. Episode was great. Easy to use. Easy to create and manage a transcode farm. But if you didn’t know Episode got its show canceled a while back and has been replaced by Vantage.


Feed a video in one side of the software and watch it come out the other side in another format or in multiple versions all while never leaving your desk. Unlike using Media Encoder or another software tied to your computer, Vantage runs on a system dedicated to transcoding. Connect it to your storage and now you can have a transcode farm processing files in the background and usable by anyone in the facility. Even let Vantage upload to your social media for you.

Vantage Transcode Product Family

The Vantage Media Processing Platform offers a family of best-in-class video transcoding products for multiplatform distribution: broadcast, cable, VOD, IPTV, multiscreen OTT. Vantage transcoding products utilize the latest technologies to deliver pristine quality, exceptional processing speeds, plus the industry’s most extensive workflow automation & system support – on premise or in the cloud.

Format Support
World’s broadest format support for web, mobile, editing, broadcast servers, IPTV and more.

GPU and multicore CPU acceleration are available with Lightspeed Server which increases video quality and throughput.

16-bit 4:4:4:4, best compression tools; HPA Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Post Alliance.

Lightspeed Servers. Accelerated Video Processing

Add Lightspeed Servers to any Vantage Transcode product or Post Producer to accelerate video processing and H.264 transcoding with GPUs and multicore CPUs.

GPU acceleration
Accelerate video processing and H.264 encoding.

Accelerate x264 encoding
Get the best H.264 image quality for screens of any size with renowned x264 adaptive bitrate encoding.

Save space and power
16-bit 4:4:4:4, best compression tools; HPA Engineering Excellence Award from the Hollywood Post Alliance.


Vantage can do so much more. It’s not just about how fast and how many transcodes can be kicked out the box. Intelligent workflows start with Vantages Workflow Designer. This modeling tool allows the team to build and structure a workflow that can be very complex movement of files between formats and destinations and give your team hours back each day. Plus, with their Vantages Ingest Tool, your team can load tag and enter camera cards right to the storage and know that the workflow for how that media will be handled will be the same every time.

Vantage doesn’t end there you can add additional Vantage servers and build your own render farm, add quality control and a host of other workflows modules and most importantly with the Lightspeed Servers you can add GPU acceleration.

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