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Automated Closed Captioning and Transcription

Serve your hard of hearing audience and remain compliant with government regulations for a fraction of the cost of traditional captioning services. enCaption is the industry’s only proven and patented solution for providing automated captioning for video.

enCaption is a patented totally automated appliance that can automatically generate captioning for video. Using enCaption, content creators can provide real-time, live captioning to their hard of hearing audience any time, without any advance notice and without the high costs of live captioners or signers. enCaption uses ENCO’s latest enhanced speaker independent deep neural network based speech recognition engine to closely inspect and transcribe your audio in near real-time.

· Live or Offline Captioning

· No Training Required, Improves Over Time

· Proven Solution

· NDI® Compatible
Once connected, enCaption will automatically generate captions through its NDI® input stream and output an NDI® signal with captions keyed directly on top of the video stream.

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Advanced Mounting & Design

Custom-built mounting solutions for DirectView LED

Wall Mounts: Designed to be compatible with any LED cabinet in the world. Their precise design allows for a completely seamless installation.
Ceiling Mount Solution: Customized for any application that requires a ceiling mount solution. Its structural, yet precise, design works in any attachment method, whether we are attaching to an existing ceiling, I-beams, through dropped ceilings, all thread rod or any hard attachment points.

Self-Supported Structure: Custom-made to meet your project’s specific needs. Constructed out of CNC-cut, precision-formed steel, it allows for tolerances to stay within thousands of an inch. The self-supported structure has additional fine-tune adjustment points to provide a virtually tight seamless installation.

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Deltacast NDI converter


DELTA-neo N2H · Standalone Converter

Delta-neo N2HDELTA-neo is DELTACAST new product line dedicated to tackle format conversions in heterogeneous production environments.

DELTA-neo N2H fills an important gap for all video content viewing applications across the NDI® ecosystem. It allows you to decode and visualize any NDI® stream on a wide range of HDMI™ 2.0 displays devices, TV screens and video projectors.

DELTA-neo N2H automatically detects the NDI® stream format, decode and converts it to HDMI™ with embedded audio. As opposed to the computer-based system, its hardware-based signal processing delivers stability, low latency and a small form factor (VESA compatible) not previously met on the market.

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