As domestic and international travel is increasingly limited and more communities practice social distancing, organizations worldwide are rethinking their events, both internal and external. As the long list of postponed or canceled events continues to grow, event organizers have some tough decisions to make.

Instead of canceling, many companies are opting for virtual events — canceling the in-person aspect of their conferences and moving the event 100% online.

Whether you’re planning an internal all-hands, customer meetup, or an industry conference, virtual events can help you stay connected with your employees and customers, even if you can’t bring them all to the same place.

Are virtual events right for your organization?

Virtual events have always been an effective way for event marketers to extend their reach and augment their in-person strategy. Here are a few reasons they might be the right solution for you:

  • Expand your reach. 
  • Democratize your experience. 
  • Extend the shelf life of your content. 
  • Allow you to get creative.
  • Better option than canceling. 

How to host a virtual event

  1. Plan stream-worthy content.
  2. Stream everywhere — or create exclusivity.
  3. Mimic the magic of an in-person event.
  4. Test everything.
  5. Prepare for “Murphy’s Law.”

Want all of the details on how to host? Visit the Vimeo website to read the entire story and download your copy of the Vimeo’s Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming.

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