In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Studio Network Solutions is releasing SNS Nomad—a new utility that helps EVO users work from anywhere.

Many EVO users are being faced with imminently shifting to a remote workforce. Nomad repurposes features most users already have in place on EVO, making it much easier to take projects on-the-go – or to more efficiently retrieve them remotely – and continue working from anywhere.


EVO shared storageIf you’re used to being in an office and editing from a computer with high-speed shared storage, then working on those projects from home can be a challenge.

Working remotely from your primary storage server may require copying huge files at internet speed, which could take days over slow connections. In light of recent headlines, you may be imminently faced with that reality and wondering how to shift operations to a remote workforce. Luckily, if you’re using ShareBrowser and you find yourself needing to work remotely, your EVO storage server is already doing something that’s about to help you out in a big way.

We started brainstorming what things we could accelerate on our roadmap to most quickly help our customers in the event they’re suddenly required to work on editing projects from home. Our goal was to identify and release something as quickly as possible that could help the greatest number of EVO users during this pandemic crisis.

“We’ve now built something and we’re making it available immediately, free to all EVO customers. We hope you’ll find it useful in all sorts of ways, beyond any immediate work-from-home use cases.

What we’re releasing today is SNS Nomad—for on the go, work-from-anywhere, remote workflow.”

studio network solutionsWhat is Nomad?

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