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Cloud-Based Gaming & Polling

Grass Valley Gaming & Polling is a cloud-based audience participation toolbox allowing content creators, broadcasters, and digital media providers to interact with their fans. These live viewer engagement tools allow the audience to participate in the show for a more rewarding experience.

Robust Features – Easy to Manage

Gaming & Polling is a SaaS platform. It’s quick and efficient to setup and use. No need for a developer, and you don’t have to bring in someone from your technical team to facilitate.

Anyone from your marketing or social media teams can easily login to your account and create trivia, quizzes, polls through the super simple user dashboard. This allows even your non-technical staff to create live, interactive content on the fly wherever they have access to the internet.

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Customizable Branding

Gaming & Polling comes with standard boilerplate templates built in and is totally customizable for your unique branding standards. You can modify almost everything that your audience or your customer is going to see when they respond to the poll – from logos and background images to fonts and colors. The Grass Valley team can help to customize the look with graphic design.

All-In-One Service

GV Gaming & Polling customers can get end-to-end service with the platform including: help with concept, use case, and implementation ideas. The GV team can design the graphics, as mentioned earlier. The software also integrates with all major graphics software and systems to allow for any type of display you choose – overlays, lower thirds, full screen, top right corner, etc.

Audience Engagement and Retention

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Your at home audience wants to feel included and participate in the show now more than ever. Create and experience just for them, and reward them for tuning in. Grass Valley Gaming and Polling platform is where 2nd screen interaction and true audience interaction can take form. And it’s a platform that you can actually use today when your audience can’t be at your live event or in your studio.

Don’t lose them during the commercial breaks. Give your audience something to do other than flipping through the channels, or getting more food. Create a poll or a game that helps maintain their engagement and excitement about your show.

Monetize Your Events with Advertising

Once you start running these live viewer engagement tools such as games, polls, trivia, quizzes, etc., and you begin to see large numbers of people responding, it’s very easy to go to an advertiser and ask them to sponsor your show with real-time analytics on your audience. Sponsorship opportunities benefit broadcasters by providing considerable ROI.

Many Options – Every Potential Use Case

The GV Gaming & Polling platform is a very powerful system of live viewer engagement tools that encompasses every potential use case for how people would want to interact and/or how the broadcaster or content creator would want their audience to interact with them.

People can respond to games and polls via SMS or text. They can call in to an IVR (interactive voice response) system and answer automated questions. The poll or quiz can be embedded on a website or in an iOS or Android app. The audience can respond to the polls and quizzes with web pulse or web responses. You can also launch polls on social media, and more.

Wherever you choose to launch the polls, you’re seeing all the results aggregated simultaneously and all those responses in real time and live in your back-end dashboard.

Flexibility to Deliver Any Call to Action

With GV Gaming & Polling, you have the flexibility to deliver whatever you or your client wants to achieve. This technology can be used by  Esports, News Broadcasts, Game Shows, Churches, Schools, Corporate Marketing and more to launch sentiments, feedback, surveys, or even quizzes and trivia to audiences, and get them really involved – bringing them into the broadcast, so it’s no longer just passive. Now it’s interactive.

2nd screen distance learningLMS / At Home Learning

For distance education, this technology can be used during educational videos to quiz students. You can set it up so that at different points, as the video plays, a question will pop up to gauge the students understanding. The students or viewers are able to click a response, see if they were correct, and know if they are understanding the information that was being presented.

Choose Your Own Adventure

You can also do smart linking – so that each answer can be linked to its own poll, or each answer can be linked to its own landing page. Someone could think about it like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” situation.

Get creative and we can help implement whatever Call-to-Action you or your client would like to achieve.

Attainable for Even a Single Event

You may assume that a full featured platform like the GV Gaming & Polling live viewer engagement tools must come at quite a large cost. However, it isn’t as expensive as you may have imagined. It’s really attainable – even for a single event you may have in mind. The platform can add a whole other level to how your audience experiences your event and the cost is not prohibitive.

Free Trial for Proof of Concept

If you would like to try out the gaming and polling platform for your broadcast or virtual event, contact the JB&A Team to help you get a test account. You’ll be able to try out the platform, set up some designs, and get a feel for how it all works. You’ll work with the team to set up a pilot project, and run a test for proof of concept. You ‘ll see the audience engagement, and find out if the audience likes it and if they’re willing to participate.

Grass Valley makes it super easy for you and your team to test their Gaming & Polling platform because they’re pretty sure that you and your audience are going to love it!

Demo / Info Request

Audience Engagement & Digital Transformation

GV Gaming & Polling from Grass Valley is a cloud-based live polling and gaming platform. This innovative participation television technology allows newscasters and audiences to interact in real time via live polling and feedback. Interactive television polling makes it possible for viewers to express their opinions and affect the program being watched through real-time voting shown on screen. DATASHEET

Grass Valley has solutions to help broadcasters and media organizations harness engagement and augment viewer experience in order to support increasingly demanding, hyper-engaged, hyper-connected audiences and maintain content supremacy and delivery excellence in a rapidly changing digital landscape. WHITE PAPER

With GV Gaming and Polling, users can interactively engage with their viewers to create a real-time dialogue within their live programming. Viewers become part of the program, not passive watchers.

Some of the features that enable creative talent to produce live and engaging content in GV Gaming & Polling:

  • Real-Time Result Updates
  • Gamification/Second Screen
  • Multiplatfrom Aggregation
  • Live Selection of Winners (Contests)
  • Monetization Abilities
  • API Access
  • No Hardware Required
  • Built-in Within VizRT/Major Graphic OEMs
  • User-generated Content
  • Turnkey Package
  • Analytics
  • Simplicity

Web Enabled Voting

  • Real-time voting via web. This can be done by embedding a snippet of code within a CMS or a redirect (for example:

SMS & IVR Voting

  • Viewers have the option to text a response regarding a pre-determined pool of answers (for example, a viewer may text 1 for yes, 2 for no, or 3 for maybe)
  • Viewers can call in to a phone line to vote. GV Gaming & Polling Platform provides a pre-recorded options menu, or broadcasters have the ability to record their own message

Social Media Voting

  • Facebook — Viewers can vote on the broadcaster’s Facebook page through a simple click-to-vote post
  • Twitter — Viewers can vote through Twitter by using a hashtag or Twitter’s native poll

Real-Time Graphic Generation (HTML5)

  • Viewers are able to cast their vote via mobile web browser with HTML5 templates.

Gamification/Second Screen

  • With HTML5 second screen interactivity, media companies can engage and gamify their content while collecting real-time data that helps them understand their audiences and adapt in real time

Sentiment Voting

  • GV Gaming & Polling enables broadcasters to collect viewer sentiment through an HTML5 Dial. Viewers can use the HTML5 Dial within any mobile touchscreen device and vote by simply moving the dial left or right. Results are used to register sentiment over time and can be coupled with multidimensional analytics such as gender, age, etc.
  • The HTML5 Dial provides the user with the ability to submit a more detailed response than traditional buttons allow

Contests & Sweepstakes

  • GV Gaming & Polling contest portal allows customers to launch promotions through sweepstakes, contests, trivia, and games to grow a social audience, engage consumers and drive sales

Photo & Video Upload (UGC)

  • GV Gaming & Polling-powered campaigns can include sponsored contests or giveaways from top-tier brands and offer the ability to collect users’ photos, videos and other user-generated content (with moderation tools)


  • GV Gaming & Polling facilitates data collection from campaigns and allows customers to compare data between current and past campaigns

CMS Integration

  • Viewers can vote on the broadcaster’s website through web-enabled smart widgets. Once added to the site’s CMS, the widgets are fully controlled within GV Gaming & Polling dashboard (automated)

Grass Valley’s end-to-end ecosystem of reliable, open standards-based solutions helps content creators, broadcasters and media organizations to produce brilliant content and build successful media businesses.