LTO-8 is more than just tape. It’s double the capacity of LTO-7, has a low TCO, and provides reliable, offline security for long-term storage and protection.

LTO Tape Storage: For Long-Term Data Retention

As the demand for low-cost, greater-capacity, long-term archive requirements rise for enterprises, LTO tape storage is the ideal solution for long-term data retention and archiving, with its high storage capacity, blazing-fast transfer rates, easy-to-use functionality, and steadfast reliability.

Quantum’s LTO tape media delivers a simple, affordable, all-in-one data protection solution that customers can depend on. LTO tape enables you to keep the most important part of your business, your data, safe with the lowest TCO. By keeping a copy of your archive offline, you’re protected against ransomware, malware, and other cybersecurity attacks.

LTO-8: High Storage Capacity and Performance

Quantum LTO-8 features include a compressed capacity of up to 30 TB per cartridge, high durability, support for WORM (Write Once Read Many), LTFS (in standalone drives only), and backwards compatibility with LTO-7 tape media. With open source technology, you’re given the flexibility to choose and never be locked into proprietary technologies.

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