Cloud-Based Production, Editing and Distribution for Live Videos.

GV Alyve user interface

GV Alyve is a single cloud platform that aggregates media from global teams, inputs and sources and publishes them to social platforms and broadcasting outputs.

  • Global Access & Cloud
  • Multi Channel Social & OTT Syndication
  • Live Editing & Production

Saas Platform

GV Alyve’s SaaS platform is designed to help digital teams maximize their resources, with no additional software or hardware needed to utilize its browser-based tools.

GV Alyve is a cloud-based video stream selection and distribution tool platform, empowering broadcasters and media organizations to manage video streaming selection across all major social media platforms and OTT applications.

GV Alyve platform diagram

GV Alyve Highlights:

  • Increase the speed, efficiency and engagement of live streaming and social media feeds
  • Create engaging media channels that expand monetization opportunities with live ingest of multiple live video feeds to Facebook Live, OTT, YouTube Live, Twitter and RTMP platforms
  • Add professional graphics to your live streams
  • Aggregate analytics from multiple platforms in real time to correlate engagement of your audience with the content delivery
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Key Features:

  • Web-based HTML 5 (Access from Anywhere)
  • Native Facebook Live Integration
  • Simple Static Graphics
  • Cloud Stream Management
  • Ability to Ingest RTMP
  • Social Streaming (RTMP/RTMPS)
  • Low Latency

Why Grass Valley?
Grass Valley’s end-to-end ecosystem of reliable, open standards-based solutions helps content creators, broadcasters and media organizations to produce brilliant content and build successful media businesses.