What is Squigl?

Squigl is a Content Creation Platform that transforms speech or text into Animated Whiteboard Videos with ease.

Anyone with an idea can use Squigl. Marketers, Instructional Designers, educators, learners of all levels, speakers, HR professionals, Learning & Development department employees all use Squigl to create highly effective content that captures the mind.



Squigl: Quick to Learn, Quick to Create | NEW JB&A Partner Spotlight!

Squigl is a creative AI software and media production platform meant for anyone who can use a web browser. Use Squigl to quickly create engaging and memorable presentations in a new genre of digital media.


  • Now available only thru North American JB&A Partner channel exclusively!
  • Session featuring Introduction to the platform led by Executive Chairman Dr. Odeh Muhawesh and team
  • Understand how Microsoft® and other industry leading cloud companies move faster with Squigl
  • Live Q&A

About Squigl

Squigl uses Artificial Intelligence to associate animated images from its library with key words that it selects from your text. Those images are human drawn or render in accordance with neuroscientific guidelines for maximum attention and retention. Squigl automatically synchronizes voiceover with the video timeline to generate highly effective content. While Squigl can do everything for you, it also gives you full control over editing every aspect of your project.   MORE SQUIGL »