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JBA “Problem Solver” Video Series | episode 1

Let’s see how the new TriCaster Mini 4K from NewTek can solve 3 large problems organizations are facing with their video communications.

Whether you are a School trying to enable remote learning, or hold events like graduations, a Sports organizations that wants to keep fans engaged, or a Corporation that needs to do internal and external presentations, social distancing and crowd size regulations have increased the need for a robust and flexible Video Communication strategy — but to have that strategy, you need to Solve 3 big problems.

 Top 3 Video Communication Problems


Creating compelling content is the first problem organizations face with their Video Communications.  If you want to keep an audience engaged, your videos need to be interesting, exciting, and high quality.

The TriCaster Mini 4K includes everything you need to create stunning 4K content – all in one small box.  Not only is it a switcher that allows you to bring in multiple cameras, video sources, and computers, it also includes graphics, transitions, effects, and more.  It’s truly a complete Video Production System.


It’s more important than ever to deliver content to ALL of today’s screens. You can output 16×9 video for traditional video applications, or change your aspect ratio to square or vertical video with no compromise in production power.  You can also stream that content using the built-in dual encoders to multiple destinations, simultaneously.

Unlike other products, only the TriCaster allows you to switch, stream, and record in a wide array of formats, resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates.  Now, you can reach your audience wherever they are, and on the device that they prefer.


The TriCaster Mini 4K gives you the power of a fully equipped production studio in a small all-in-one box.  This drastically reduces the cost of ownership. On top of that, NewTek’s NDI (Network Device Interface) technology reduces the cost and complexity of traditional video infrastructure. It’s as easy as using ethernet cables.

Equipment cost is only one part of the equation though. TriCasters can help solve labor cost issues too. Since the TriCaster includes multiple functions in the same platform, it only requires one person to operate, and most of the process can even be automated. As a result, you do Not need highly trained production engineers to create and distribute your organization’s content.

TriCaster Mini 4K workflow-Rev2

TriCaster Mini 4K

NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K is an easy to use compact video creation system to let anyone with a story to tell make fun and exciting shows without needing production expertise.

You don’t have to be a video expert to tell your story with television-quality results. With TriCaster Mini 4K, you can be on your way to making a show in resolutions up to UHD within minutes of opening the box. TriCaster Mini 4K delivers you all the benefits of IP based production using NDI® for easy connectivity to media components while leveraging simple one-to-one connections to your HDMI cameras and devices without cable length limitations.

No other portable video creation system offers so many easy and enjoyable ways to tell stories in such a small package for the price than TriCaster Mini 4K. The compact unit is easy to transport and set up with all the features you need to deliver high quality shows to screens and displays of any size or shape. With NDI®, TriCaster Mini 4K connects to a wide variety of NewTek and third-party systems over IP like cameras, converters, and custom software applications.

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Produce amazing content with hundreds of advanced production capabilities for video switching, playback, mix effects, graphics, audio mixing, virtual sets, and more.

Deliver an immersive viewing experience for programs, performances, events, and sports intermixing formats up to UHD 60p resolution.

NDI® video, audio and data transmission over IP with near-zero latency. Instant access to and seamless interchange with essentially unlimited IP sources from anywhere across the network.

Use any combination of 8 external compatible IP video sources including cameras, mobile devices, Skype video calls, computers, streaming media, audio/video files, graphics, and more.

Produce digital media content in various aspect ratios, resolutions, and frame rates for any screen or schedule, with 4 IP live outputs, multi-channel recording, multi-platform live streaming, social media publishing, transfer to storage volumes or network locations, and more.

Record 4 channels of full-resolution video to NDI® or QuickTime® files. Archive the master cut, ingest raw camera footage for post-production, cache production extras and presentation materials for on-demand, and capture real-time highlights for instant replay.

Build, save and use macros to combine functions, create simple customized soft panels with LivePanel™ for remote productions, and automate shows including switching and graphics using teleprompter control based on scripts with embedded commands using Live Story Creator.

A software-based audio mixer, support for digital, analog and network audio, Talk Back communication, and stereo audio mix to the output.