By: Whit Jackson, VP Technology Alliances/M&E Wasabi Technologies

Cloud storage has emerged a key component of modern media workflows. The cloud has proven to be very effective in the Media and Entertainment (M&E) sector for backing up production projects, storing assets for long term preservation, enabling remote collaboration and serving as an on-demand repository to offload expensive Tier 1 storage. Unfortunately for the VAR community, there has been no economic incentive (when dealing with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Google) to bundle cloud storage into customer deployments…until now.

Enter Wasabi hot cloud storage

Wasabi Technologies has partnered with JB&A to distribute its revolutionary hot cloud storage service to M&E/AV resellers across North America. Wasabi has redefined cloud storage with the fastest performing and lowest cost service that is 80% less expensive than Amazon’s S3 service. Wasabi simplifies cloud storage by offering a single tier of high-performance storage that is priced at a flat rate and does not include any ancillary charges for data egress, data retrieval requests, or API calls.

Wasabi is Hot for these Top 3 M&E / AV Use Cases

Wasabi is a disruptively simple, one-size-fits-all cloud storage service that serves a number of applications across a wide range of industries. In the M&E/AV world, Wasabi is used extensively for the following use cases.

Backup and Active Archive

wasabi - backup archive processWhether you are producing big-budget motion pictures or short-form special interest content, production teams cannot afford to lose any raw footage, rough cuts or finished material before the final product is in the can. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but storage hardware failures, mishaps and natural disasters are a common occurrence. Wasabi provides highly secure, off-premise backup storage for business-critical production projects. With all stored content instantly accessible, Wasabi enables operations to get back up and running after a disaster in minutes as opposed to days or weeks when using conventional DR technology. And since Wasabi does not charge for data egress, customers don’t pay a penalty when they need to recover lost work.

Wasabi also serves as an ideal environment for long-term archival storage of media assets. Traditionally, media archives have been stored on LTO tape libraries due to the low cost of the tape cartridges themselves. But LTO systems come with a host of hidden costs in terms of personnel to operate and maintain the equipment, power, space and cooling. Especially troublesome is the fact that owners of LTO tape systems need to migrate their libraries to new tape versions about every 7 to 8 years to keep up with the never-ending obsolescence of older tape versions, which is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Wasabi eliminates all the overhead costs and headaches of operating tape-based archives. And unlike cold storage services like Amazon Glacier, all content stored on Wasabi is instantly accessible for review, repurposing and monetization.

Remote Collaboration

Legendary logoWasabi hot cloud storage enables remote accessibility to content from virtually any location with a decent network connection. In a post-production environment, cloud storage provides a central location to share files and obviates the considerable duplication and physical transfer of files that traditionally would take place between editors, artists and vendors – all of which is time consuming, costly, difficult to track and prone to loss by human error or malicious intent. Cloud storage has also allowed numerous media organizations to keep production operations running and their businesses afloat during the Coronavirus pandemic. Storing work-in-progress and archived assets in the cloud allows team members to work from anywhere and also opens up access to the best artistic talent wherever they may reside. Legendary Entertainment, the studio behind hit movies like Jurassic Park, the Godzilla franchise, and the much-anticipated Dune, recently announced that it is using Wasabi to enable remote creative collaboration and editing-in-the-cloud with Adobe Premiere Pro. This type of “work-anywhere” flexibility is only possible due to Wasabi’s high-speed performance and no-charge-for-egress pricing.

Nearline Storage

Of course, cloud storage is not a replacement for everything in a professional environment. The high-performance shared storage that powers feature film/television editorial work, VFX and color grading can never be effectively replaced by the cloud, especially when dealing with 4K and 8K workflows. But Wasabi hot cloud storage works very well as a nearline storage environment to rapidly offload finished work that is awaiting review, approval and versioning from valuable Tier 1 NAS/SAN. The assets that have been “parked” on Wasabi are immediately retrievable and the customer doesn’t incur any extra charges to pull their content back.

The M&E industry is in the midst of a major transformation in the way content is produced, managed and distributed. The pandemic has forced media organizations of all types and sizes to put their cloud migration plans into action to keep production operations running and their business afloat. Now is the time to promote the advantages of Wasabi hot cloud storage – easy to use, high performance, straightforward pricing – and begin building the workflow of the future with cloud storage as the central hub of a media ecosystem.

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