Christie Pandoras Box

The Christie® Pandoras Box® family of hardware and software tools includes all the real-time video playback and processing you need.

From project conception to realization – and every step in-between – Pandoras Box gives users complete control over the entire workflow, maximizing efficiency while opening up a world of creative possibilities.

The Christie Pandoras Box family includes:

  • Software License
  • Widget Designer
  • Server
  • Compact Player
  • AirScan
  • ID Tag
  • NET Link

The Problem

When you create a show, the last thing you need are limitations.

The Solution

With the new Christie® Pandoras Box® Version 8 Software License, it’s goodbye limits and hello creativity! Version 8 adds up all already existing features to one software license and bundles them with new features such as NDI-Input, SDVoE, Dante Audio, NOTCH and Content Ingestion. Bring it together with the new Pandoras Box server, Widget Designer and other Christie solutions to deliver seamless, perfectly coordinated audio-visual solutions.

Technologies and key features:

As the first stand-alone Pandoras Box software solution under a single license, V8 drastically optimizes workflows and increases effectiveness through the full, native integration of NDI video-over-IP and Dante network audio, which processes and sends audio-visual signals over the entire installation. The completely visually reworked and simplified software menu and server management saves you time and gives you a quick and easy overview for even complex projects.

There are no limits to your creativity with the Notch system, which operates in real-time with Pandoras Box’s powerful render engine. The new content ingestion feature in Pandoras Box Version 8 lets you batch-handle massive amounts of content, which eases your workflow and saves time, especially during content-heavy shows.

Pandoras Box Version 8 also comes with a significant change to the price model and makes advanced features accessible for lower budgets as well.

The Problem

Organizations need a touch-free control solution for events.

The Solution

With Christie® AirScan, you can easily bring your projects to life on any surface, from an LED video wall to a projection screen or even a concrete wall. AirScan adds a new dimension to your interactive multimedia displays and presentation solutions with motion-controlled user interfaces. Combine AirScan with the new Widget Designer Version 6.5 and create opportunities to interact with digital content in ways that aren’t possible with traditional displays.

Technologies and key features:

With AirScan control interfaces, you can design and integrate interactive displays that let you navigate menu-based multimedia presentations in any environment. You can trigger actions to happen, or move and interact with virtual objects in presentations, like the technology museums use for educational purposes or in interactive theme park experiences.

Christie AirScanAs part of a Pandoras Box® playback solution, you can control live presentations – from any distance and project onto any size of screen, with no mouse or pointing device required.

Large-scale scanning range
Set up touch-free solutions for applications of almost any size. AirScan works up to 30-feet (10m) and features up to 24 touch-points.

Advanced motion stabilizing
Use advanced input devices on large-scale displays with the built-in motion stabilizer for high-speed processing and damping of the sensor motion data.

Dynamic-gesture menu programming
With Widget Designer, you can quickly customize interactive displays by setting up unlimited menu page configurations and gesture-controlled actions.

The Problem

Your events require a powerful hardware platform for 24/7 use and maximum creative results.

The Solution

Christie® Pandoras Box Server is the flagship of the Pandoras Box suite of hardware products with the flexibility and reliability of a powerful hardware platform designed for maximum creative results.

It is a turnkey solution that unites state-of-the-art rendering technology with intuitive media and show control. A high-quality server featuring the most powerful and versatile render-engine offers real-time compositing in 3D and allows for projection onto any shape and any surface.

Technologies and key features:

Pandoras Box users can now make the most of a single server due to a lot more performance. The wide range of individual performance needs and drive space allows for extreme requirements as well as for smaller budgets. This Server includes two new input cards – Dante and FLEX. Optionally graphics cards can be selected for high graphical needs. Along with this the new Pandoras Box Server offers Terra / SDVoE inputs.

For a flexible and scalable system, combine the Pandoras Box Software License with the Server.

Key Features

  • Pandoras Box serverXEON processor
  • SSD RAID system
  • Nvidia Quadro GPUs
  • Up to 8 DisplayPort outputs
  • Performance Kits
    • PK1 960GB SSD / 24GB RAM storage with XEON processor
    • PK2 7.5 TB SSD / 48GB RAM storage with XEON processor
    • PK3 32TB SSD / 48GB RAM storage with XEON processor

All Servers feature SSD storage and the latest hardware components including XEON processors and Nvidia Quadro GPUs for maximum stability and performance.

From simple, single display, fixed-installations to complex, live-event, multi-display projection-mapped spectaculars, there’s a Pandoras Box solution for you.

UI Screenshots. Click images below to enlarge.

If you need multimedia solutions for events, contact JB&A and let us show you Pandoras Box.

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