NewTek™ TriCaster® TC410 Plus for Enhanced Corporate Communications

The TC410 Plus from NewTek™ has proven itself again and again to be a perfect fit for Corporate Communications application.

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NewTek TriCaster

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If there has been a consistent theme that we have seen over the last year, it has been the need for enhancing Corporate Communications.  The JB&A team gets to utilize numerous technologies in all kinds of scenarios, and after a while, we start to see quite a few trends emerge.

One of the trends we’ve seen is how difficult it’s been for Corporate customers to understand the entire scope of their video needs today – let alone, what they will be in the near future.  Once needs have been determined though, there is a still very much a balance that must be struck with the technologies chosen. They must be powerful, but not too complex to operate in a corporate environment. That’s a tall order.

The TriCaster 410 Plus has proven itself again and again to be a perfect fit for Corporate Communications application, now let me explain why.

Let’s start at the beginning – with the inputs.  Modern meeting rooms generate lots of content and utilize many signals – computers for presentations, digital whiteboards, IP-based content, and more. Many of the products on the market just can’t facilitate the number and varying types of inputs that are required. The TriCaster TC410 Plus has 8 simultaneous inputs, supporting any combination of compatible sources, giving you that input flexibility needed.

Once you have all your cameras and sources connected, the TriCaster TC410 Plus gives you an unmatched toolset to bring your meetings and corporate communications to life.  Transitions, Effects, and Graphics bring a professional quality to the look of your videos, while providing the flexibility to reach your viewers and participants wherever they are.  The TC410 Plus with NDI® Technology even gives you the ability to easily integrate into video conferencing systems, like Microsoft Teams.

Having all the power of a TriCaster might seem daunting to some, while others might be intimidated by such a robust system – but never fear. The available NewTek LivePanelTM provides for a completely customizable, touch-friendly, user interface that anyone can use – from a brand-new intern or volunteer to a seasoned broadcast veteran.

If you are looking to improve your corporate communications strategy, reach out to JB&A and we can show you why the TriCaster TC410 Plus might be your perfect solution.

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