Whether you’re a Church, a School, or a Corporation, or even a Government agency, reaching your audience has never been more important. To help you arrive at the perfect video solution, JB&A has developed the video Solution Builder.

In this webinar, hosted by Nicholas Smith, JB&A’s VP of Technology, see the JB&A Solution Builder in action, and learn how to get a free professional consultation with our industry experts on your organization’s specific needs.


The JB&A Solution Builder will take you step by step through assessing your needs, so our Experts can build the best solution to turn your Boardroom into a Broadcast Room. Get started!


Here’s How JB&A Can Help

    JB&A represents multiple best-in-class brands and platforms. Our Audio and Video Technologies are essential pieces to turn your Boardroom into a Broadcast room. Whether you need just a part, or a complete solution – Audio, Video, Streaming, Storage, Infrastructure, Cloud, On-Prem – we have it all!
    Not quite sure where to start? JB&A is here to help. From Conference Calls, to Presentations, and Product Demonstrations – we provide complete Pre-Sales Support to help you determine which technologies fit the need and the budget.
    The JB&A Engineering team is patiently sitting by their phones waiting for your call – seriously, they really geek out talking to clients about technology. All jokes aside, our team can assist with Designs, System Verification, and more. Check out the Design diagram on this page.
  • Demo Product
    Sometimes, we all just need to press some buttons for ourselves. JB&A has a fantastic demo product program to help end users understand the product and how it will fit into their workflows.
  • Training
    Need product training for yourself or your customers? Of course, we do that!
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