Basic Overview of Kiloview + New Release Showcase

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Learn about the latest product release, the N6 encoder with NDI 5.0 for both NDI and NDI |HX encoding and decoding + Kiloview basic overview to their IP-based video transmission solutions!

In this webinar hosted by Nicholas Smith, we introduce you to Kiloview the leader in IP-Based video transmission, and one of the fastest growing NDI hardware and software developers. Their innovative product range includes: video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP-based video switching and streaming.

Kiloview provides hardware and software solutions which can handle different inputs and outputs — either baseband interfaces or IP streams with different protocols, in the format of standalone units, or rack mount units, together with functions such as PTZ control, OSD, cropping, recording, streaming services — making Kiloview the most versatile AV-over-IP solution provider in the world.

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