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Lecture Capture & Distance Learning with PTZOptics & Epiphan.

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Webinar Agenda

PTZOptics will be sharing the latest PTZ camera technologies for lecture capture, including the SimplTrack2 auto-tracking camera.

Epiphan will be sharing their family of lecture capture systems, including the Pearl Mini, Nano and Pearl-2.

Nick Smith from JB&A will be helping to set the stage for emerging technologies in the education space.

What is a tracking camera?

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2 is a pan, tilt, and zoom camera that automatically tracks subjects and requires no camera operator. The SimplTrack2 is also ideal for non-studio environments, such as broadcasts from houses of worship, offices, schools and other locations.

Designed to simplify camera control for live presentations, the SimplTrack2 is the most advanced and reliable auto-tracking camera on the market.


The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack2

Simplify Camera Control for Live Productions. Available in 20x zoom

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Epiphan logo
epiphan pearl-2

Epiphan Pearl-2

Pearl-2 brings the pro features and processing horsepower required for the most demanding live events.

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epiphan pearl mini

Epiphan Pearl Mini

Pearl Mini offers the same all-in-one video production functionality as Pearl-2 in a more portable chassis with a giant touch screen for maximum ease of use.

epiphan pearl nano

Epiphan Pearl Nano

Pearl Nano is ideal for small-scale live events and SRT contribution encoding, and as a streamer and recorder add-on to an existing production setup.