Panel discussion with Dr Andrew Cross, President R&D at Vizrt Group; Julian Lee, President of TechnoPlanet; Nicholas Smith, Vice President of Technology and Matt Bain, Director of Solutions Architecture at JB&A – Exertis | Broadcast.

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Today’s boardrooms, conferences, schools and congregations all require a modern broadcast-first design. It’s a major version 2.0 upgrade from what most people have been experiencing in typical virtual meetings over the past year.

As people deal with the on-going pandemic regulations and the post-pandemic new normal, organizations will need to deliver content in multiple ways (in-person and virtual). No one knows exactly what the future will be, but it’s becoming clear that a significant percentage of people will want to receive content virtually as they continue working remotely. Many will actually prefer virtual over in-person for health, travel, cost and time efficiencies.

Doing ZOOM or TEAMS meetings over the past year was basically version 1.0 of the online video conferencing experience. While it delivered value, most people eventually became tired of the basic functionality and experience of virtual meetings. While some video conferencing platforms added more features to augment the experience, there was still something missing.


Imagine that your company is having a meeting on the TEAMS platform with 100 employees who are in multiple locations. Some are in the office, where the main presenters are but others are in different regions and countries. Some presenters are also in remote locations. With the broadcasting system you can easily orchestrate all presenters and presentations to come in and out as though they were all in the same room!

This is exactly how news and sports broadcasters bring you exciting and dynamic video content and feeds from multiple sources in real-time.

In this 2-hour virtual session, we will demonstrate exactly how it’s done. You will see in real-time how anyone can take a common video conferencing experience to a powerful high-impact viewing experience for attendees. You will see and feel the difference instantly.