Managing Remote, On-Premise, and Hybrid Workflows with EVO

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Learn how the SNS EVO shared storage media server optimizes creative workflow for production teams working on-premise, remotely, and across hybrid/multi-site environments.

Many editors are returning to the office with months of offline media to sync, while others are settling into permanent work-from-home arrangements. Both scenarios can be disruptive to creative media workflow if your storage infrastructure is not set up to accommodate remote and on-site collaboration.

The SNS EVO shared storage video editing server and its included suite of workflow tools help media production teams easily transition into the on-premise, remote, and hybrid creative workflow environment that best suits their needs.

Join us to discuss the high-performance EVO workflow solution—with included media asset management to keep teams organized, advanced automation features to minimize busy work, and built-in remote editing tools to facilitate remote and hybrid workflows—so media production teams can create amazing content faster, from anywhere.

Presented by:
* Speaker: Steve McKenna, Director of Sales, SNS
* Moderator: Matt Bain, Director of Solutions Architecture, JB&A

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