Gefen’s New 4K Ultra Splitter Series is a Perfect Solution for Retail Digital Signage.

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Video Distribution Complexity

From various Formats, Distances, Cost, Reliability, etc., Digital Signage can be complex to get right, and the bigger your system, the more difficult it is to resolve any issues. Retailers around the world have struggled with these issues, but the complexity goes beyond just distributing video to many destinations.

From Digital TVs to Digital Signage

The TV walls in retail have evolved to become more than an opportunity to sell the TV itself. Walls full of TV’s (or digital displays) are a perfect delivery platform to display advertising or important content – it can now be effective digital signage.

Retail Digital Signage Solution

Gefen has been innovating in Video Distribution for over 20 years, and their new 4K Ultra Splitter Series is perfect for these retail applications. Not only do these splitters distribute video, Gefen’s 4K Ultra solution offers Ease of Use, Management and Control (not found in other video splitters) – and all of this is at an incredibly affordable price.

Features & Highlights of the 4K Ultra Splitters:

  • Easy to install – simply plug and play; ready to deploy and upgrade retail store displays with minimum downtime- they even include integrated test pattern generators
  • Centralized management – control all cascaded splitters through the IP network for easy maintenance
  • Auto-downscale – automatically downscale 4K content to 1080p in mixed display scenarios
  • Self-healing – System automatically returns to displaying preselected content even after shoppers interact with the displays
  • Always on – 1:1 redundant inputs ensure with smart switching technology that content is always on display providing best shopper retail experience
  • Smart CEC Management – Gefen has brilliantly started using this communication standard and designed new ways to utilize its features to ensure that all connected displays will remain on when you want. If someone walks by and turns the TV off, the 4K Ultra will automatically turn it back on. If someone walks by and changes the input, we can turn it right back. This ensures customers will always see your preferred content.
  • Last, but not least, is the dual networking interface that is designed to cascade network connectivity across each splitter. This will allow for network monitoring and control of every aspect of the inputs and outputs.

As you can see the Gefen 4K Ultra Splitters are a great choice in Retail Video Distribution projects. That’s probably why some of the largest retailers in the country have already started to deploy them.

To Learn more about Gefen products and how they can solve your retail video distribution issues, reach out to us. We would be happy to help!