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TVSCREENSProprietary ASR/MT technology that transcribes, translates and analyzes telephony, audio and video content.

As a leader in automatic speech recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence, AppTek breaks the barrier between speech and text communication across multiple languages. Our proprietary and patented ASR with deep neural network, machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing and understanding is used worldwide by government organizations, media agencies, call centers, leading retailers, and countless others who have a need to unlock the value in their audio and video assets. Find out how the power of speech recognition can improve your business.

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cc-TV_MockupbbAppTek Media enables automated closed captioning and subtitling, media monitoring, language identification, and archival search and retrieval solutions that help content owners and distributors save money, monetize their content, reach new markets and increase audience engagement. Learn more »

t2mAppTek’s Talk2Me Mobile is the premier speech and text translation app built for those traveling abroad. No matter your need, directions, local amenities, restaurants, and especially in case of an emergency.
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telephonyAppTek’s Telephony platform listens to unscripted audio and video conversations and converts them into actionable data.
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