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IP66 Weather & Water Proof TV Display Screens

Aqualite IP66 rated outdoor TV screens and monitors are purpose built, self contained, sealed TV units that are designed to withstand water and moisture in all its forms be it fog, rain, sleet or snow and can even withstand being cleaned by a high powered pressure washer or water hose.

These waterproof and weatherproof digital display screens and monitors are not to be confused with regular indoor TV screens that are protected by a waterproof enclosures or a weather resistant casing.  [ Data Sheet ]

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IP66 Weather & Water Proof TV Display Screens

This waterproof TV exterior casing removes any risk of possible damage to electrical circuits and wiring caused by direct contact with water, salt and dust and internal TV components are silicone sealed to endure rapid changes in weather conditions.

Recessed rear inputs further limit exposure to moisture and salt water and the air filtration system protects the TV from dust, humidity, moisture, pollution, salt water and salty air and all screens come complete with IP66 fully waterproof speaker, cables and connections.

Water, Moisture & Condensation Proof IP66 TV Screens

Designers and architects alike specify Aqualite’s range of outdoor, all weather TV screens for outdoor advertising, digital messaging and signage display installations in retail, hospitality, education, corporate, transportation, health care, outdoor event, marine and entertainment locations. Contact us for more information about becoming a distributor or supplier of Aqualite waterproof, weatherproof TV screens.

IP66 Waterproof TV Screen Features

Aqualite waterproof TV screens and monitors are available in 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” and 82″ screen sizes with Standard Brightness or ‘Sunlight Readable’ High Brightness options.

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