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Titler Live 4 Broadcast

Create network-worthy productions with a bootstrapper budget. Access 500+ top notch live and post production tools.

Titler Pro 6: Create stunning graphics and titles in no time — choose from one of the 200+ built-in templates or create your own design from scratch with Title Designer.

TotalFX features over 1,400 presets in 129 plugins. This is our most comprehensive collection of titling tools, transitions and video effects.

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Titler Pro 6 | Walkthrough

Titler Pro 6 | Remarkable 3D Animated Titles Made Easy

How to Boost Your Colors and Structure Your Composition with NewBlueFX

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NewblueFX Titler Live 4 BroadcastNewblueFX Titler Live 4 Broadcast

Titler Live Broadcast

High-end graphics don’t have to be expensive or complex. Titler Live Broadcast delivers first-of-its-kind social media integrations and poll visualization, sports data connectivity and information management from spreadsheets and web connected sources. All at a cost and ease of use that makes it accessible to anyone at any size production

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