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Over the last 10 years, RGBlink has grown rapidly to become a leading manufacturer of specialized video processing equipment providing a range of hardware based solutions that continue to revolutionize and democratize video for displays everywhere and anywhere — releasing displays from conventions of format and presentation.

NEW! mini makes the sophisticated simple.

mini logoSwitch seamlessly between any of the four HDMI inputs and output to both HDMI and the dedicated USB 3.0 output. mini is equally ideal for live streaming applications and presentations, allowing multiple sources to be utilized for a a professional impression every time. On board features include PIP, transition effects and external audio embedding, and with the mini+ feature pack there is support for UVC PTZ cameras and DSK. Large buttons make quick actions easy, while the provision of the T-bar allows smooth transition between sources, whether they be cameras or graphics. Compact in size, mini goes anywhere, and with handy features like the ability to mount to standard 1/4in UNC accessories, mini is at home in any studio.
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X7 Universal Video Processor

RGBlink X7 processorX7 is a 32×32 universal video processor ideal for large scale video wall and presentation applications. Multi-multi operations allow X7 to be configured not only to continuous video wall displays and conventional presentation applications, but also for multi-view control room applications, 3D and matrix routing with full signal/resolution independence.

G3 NET 2K Controller

Truly bringing together integrated video control for LED displays, G3 Net is not only a LED display controller a video scaler and switcher, but enables full remote control and automation via the industry standard Art-Net protocol. With Art-Net, G3 Net can be controlled from lighting controllers and any device providing Art-Net control. Art-Net networks can be widely distributed over an IP network infrastructure.

RGBlink has implemented and extensive feature set with DMX512 channels to control source switching, scaling, and on board LED Sender Card features directly.

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