SoDA • Refreshing Data Management

A refreshing take on your data management strategy

Introducing SoDA, a new refreshing way to control data movement between storage tiers, on-site and in the cloud. Eliminate the complexity of data management and get real-time insights into the true cost for ingesting and retrieving your data from the cloud.

SoDA is a data management software application that allows users to move content between different storage technologies. This could be on-prem storage as well as public cloud. A customer can choose to move data on demand for migration purposes or set policies to run and move/copy/sync data to another tier of storage. SoDA allows the movement of data between NFS/SMB/S3/AWS/GCP/Azure storage protocols. SoDA has API integration with MAM’s such at CatDV, IPV, LBRE, and Dalet Flex allowing users to leverage the SoDA features from the MAM’s user interface.

SoDA pillars

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SoDA + CatDV

The CatDV MAM combines a catalog of contextual and technical metadata with a workflow engine to drive media workflow. The easy to use rich client, web client and editorial plugins help drive user adoption into the centrally managed MAM world. By integrating SoDA with CatDV, users are more self-sufficient to drive data movement between various tiers of storage, both on premise and in the cloud.

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