Technical Training for CatDV Partners and Users

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Dates and Location

Wednesday, March 8 | 9am-5pm

Thursday, March 9 | 9am-5pm

873 Broadway, Suite 612
New York, NY 10003

the 6th floor loft interior

Course Overview

CatDV U is a technical, hands-on training course in which simulated workflows and automations will be set up to equip CatDV Reseller Partners and CatDV Users to design, configure, and deploy media workflows.

This year’s advanced course will include a lot of new content to cover the many system updates that have taken place since last year’s training.


The course material will be presented by Dave Clack, Ryan Servant, and Dougal Matthews from Square Box Systems, as well as technical trainer – Allison List from JB&A Distribution.


CatDV U is suitable for pre and post sales engineers, as well as the people who use CatDV media management software.

CatDV software will be installed and configured by attendees during the course. Because the training is technical in nature, some understanding of media workflow logistics, and the content creation process is an advantage.


Participants should bring a reasonable modern laptop, running a fairly recent, production version of OSX or Windows, with Administrator privileges, and a few GB of free disk space.


Training Day 1

  • Where CatDV fits in the market
  • Overview of the product line
  • How to use CatDV
  • Installing and configuring metadata and the user interfaces
  • Manual ingest and proxies
  • Search and find
  • Archiving and storage
  • Working with NLEs (e.g. Premiere, Media Composer, Final Cut)

Training Day 2

  • Workflow design
  • Automating ingest
  • Automating mezzanine and proxy workflows
  • Automating logging and tagging
  • Content distribution
  • Customizing CatDV user interfaces – workspaces and themes
  • CatDV and security
  • Migrating to CatDV
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