On our channel, you will find various technology industry webinars and videos about JB&A’s unique features as a Value Add Distributor. Check back weekly for more videos in our new series — JB&A Today, On The Bench, and Techsplanation.

On the Bench: JB&A has a new video series called, On the Bench. It’s pretty simple – we put a product on the bench, and see what’s inside.

JB&A Today: Discover the latest technology news on JB&A Today. In this series, we’ll announce new vendors, product launches, and dive into hardware and software reviews — highlighting features and functionality that can be used to enhance production and workflows. We’ll even throw in the occasional interview with industry experts.

Techsplanation: Check out our “Techsplanation” on cutting-edge technologies. In this fun and creative series, JB&A’s Engineers will break down complex technology into simple concepts that we can all understand.

Lumens LC-200 CaptureVision System


Innovation is inevitable -- in food and in technology. In this episode of On the Bench, Nicholas Smith, VP [...]

Lumens LC-200 CaptureVision System2020-03-26T15:22:38-07:00

Techsplanation, Episode 5 | Whole Lotta LED


LED Video Walls are all the rage in the AV Industry. However, they aren't walls that you can plug a [...]

Techsplanation, Episode 5 | Whole Lotta LED2019-06-03T08:23:50-07:00

Techsplanation, Episode 4 | IP Video Highway


Have you ever wondered what AV over IP actually is? Never quite understood the concept? Well, Nicholas Smith, Director of [...]

Techsplanation, Episode 4 | IP Video Highway2018-07-30T13:35:09-07:00

Techsplanation, Episode 3 | Head in the Clouds


Nicholas Smith, Director of Media Technology, "techsplains" the cloud. When should you use the cloud? How can it be used [...]

Techsplanation, Episode 3 | Head in the Clouds2018-07-30T13:35:15-07:00
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