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7 07, 2020

Top 3 Video Communications Problems Solved


JBA "Problem Solver" Video Series | episode 1 Let's see how the new TriCaster Mini 4K from NewTek can solve 3 large problems organizations are facing with their video communications. Whether you are a School trying to enable remote learning, or hold events like [...]

Top 3 Video Communications Problems Solved2020-07-07T15:16:08-07:00
29 04, 2020

Streaming 103 Webinar | NewTek & Vimeo


NewTek / Vimeo Broadcast Bundles only from JB&A NewTek TriCaster® TC1 2RU Live Production System NewTek TC1 SP Control Panel ProTek with Premium Access for TriCaster TC1 ProTek for TriCaster TC1 SP Control Panel 10 Hour Professional Services Plan Vimeo Enterprise [...]

Streaming 103 Webinar | NewTek & Vimeo2020-05-05T17:47:15-07:00
26 03, 2020

Lumens LC-200 CaptureVision System


Innovation is inevitable -- in food and in technology. In this episode of On the Bench, Nicholas Smith, VP of Technology at JB&A, makes a case for human innovation – walking through the history of food to the history of tech, on the way to [...]

Lumens LC-200 CaptureVision System2020-03-26T15:22:38-07:00
31 07, 2019

“The Workflow Show” | Ep. “Codec Wars”


VIDEO ENCODING JB&A's VP of Technology, Nicholas Smith, discusses “the codec wars” with hosts Jason Whetstone and Ben Kilburg from Chesapeake Systems. Can you survive the ever-growing onslaught of new codecs? Is Nick Smith really from Earth? Listen to this episode of "The Workflow Show" [...]

“The Workflow Show” | Ep. “Codec Wars”2019-07-31T14:36:25-07:00
29 05, 2019

Techsplanation, Episode 5 | Whole Lotta LED


LED Video Walls are all the rage in the AV Industry. However, they aren't walls that you can plug a cable into and play your content. You need an image processor and receiver card to drive content to the wall. THE NITTY GRITTY Today, we’re [...]

Techsplanation, Episode 5 | Whole Lotta LED2019-06-03T08:23:50-07:00
5 04, 2018

Techsplanation, Episode 4 | IP Video Highway


Have you ever wondered what AV over IP actually is? Never quite understood the concept? Well, Nicholas Smith, Director of Media Technology, unpatches this concept for us in Episode 4 of Techsplanation. Watch it to find out what IP encoders you need, the bandwidth required, [...]

Techsplanation, Episode 4 | IP Video Highway2018-07-30T13:35:09-07:00
15 02, 2018

Techsplanation, Episode 3 | Head in the Clouds


Nicholas Smith, Director of Media Technology, "techsplains" the cloud. When should you use the cloud? How can it be used to power charge your workflow? Watch Episode 3 to find out the answer to these questions and more. —— CONTACT JB&A —— ‣ Business Inquiries: [...]

Techsplanation, Episode 3 | Head in the Clouds2018-07-30T13:35:15-07:00
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