31 07, 2020

Squigl | Why Whiteboard Videos?


What is Squigl? Squigl is a Content Creation Platform that transforms speech or text into Animated Whiteboard Videos with ease. Anyone with an idea can use Squigl. Marketers, Instructional Designers, educators, learners of all levels, speakers, HR professionals, Learning & Development department employees [...]

Squigl | Why Whiteboard Videos?2020-08-11T15:05:26-07:00
25 06, 2020

Manage Video Streamed Across Social Media Platforms


Cloud-Based Production, Editing and Distribution for Live Videos. GV Alyve is a single cloud platform that aggregates media from global teams, inputs and sources and publishes them to social platforms and broadcasting outputs. Global Access & Cloud Multi Channel Social & OTT Syndication Live [...]

Manage Video Streamed Across Social Media Platforms2020-06-30T17:57:07-07:00
9 06, 2020

Tips for Choosing the Right PTZ Camera


An effective long-term video strategy for Houses of Worship, Higher Education, and Business includes the right PTZ camera for live streaming and video conferencing. Whether you are presenting a worship service, online class, or all-hands meeting, your organization is adjusting to the fact that [...]

Tips for Choosing the Right PTZ Camera2020-06-09T11:37:02-07:00
23 05, 2020

Live Viewer Engagement Tools


Cloud-Based Gaming & Polling Grass Valley Gaming & Polling is a cloud-based audience participation toolbox allowing content creators, broadcasters, and digital media providers to interact with their fans. These live viewer engagement tools allow the audience to participate in the show for a more [...]

Live Viewer Engagement Tools2020-05-24T09:50:12-07:00
29 04, 2020

Streaming 103 Webinar | NewTek & Vimeo


NewTek / Vimeo Broadcast Bundles only from JB&A NewTek TriCaster® TC1 2RU Live Production System NewTek TC1 SP Control Panel ProTek with Premium Access for TriCaster TC1 ProTek for TriCaster TC1 SP Control Panel 10 Hour Professional Services Plan Vimeo Enterprise [...]

Streaming 103 Webinar | NewTek & Vimeo2020-05-05T17:47:15-07:00
24 03, 2020

3 Products You Didn’t Know You Needed


Lumens Integration 3 New Products You Didn’t Know You Needed! Listen and learn in this conversation between Nicholas Smith, VP of Tech at JB&A and Paul Monoz, Tech Guru at Lumens as they discuss three new products you didn’t know you needed! (but [...]

3 Products You Didn’t Know You Needed2020-03-26T15:21:08-07:00
1 01, 2020

High Bandwidth Network Switches for Storage


MELLANOX TECHNOLOGIES 101 High Bandwidth Network Switches for Storage JB&A’s VP of Technology, Nicholas Smith takes a deeper look at what makes Mellanox a great solution for high bandwidth network switches. In this webinar, you will learn what makes them better than the [...]

High Bandwidth Network Switches for Storage2020-03-26T08:04:57-07:00
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