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San Francisco Bay Area

January 17 | 9am-8pm
January 18 | 9am-8pm

San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport
1770 S Amphlett Blvd | San Mateo CA 94402
(650) 653-6000 | (website)

with JB&A’s Nick Smith, Maria Casey, Brian Yates, Ryan Roettele, Danielle Swartz, Jon Bird, Nelson Gray, Kristyn Brooks, and more!


  • This is the only place you will find complete video workflow solutions set up and ready to demo.
  • Receive personalized hands-on demos of complete workflow solutions in an intimate setting.
  • Ask questions to industry experts.
  • Solve your pain points with a real solution set!

Participating Manufacturers

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Happy Hour with the QUANTUM Team

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 | 4pm – 6pm
San Mateo Marriott San Francisco Airport | Synergy Room

Whether you’re new to StorNext, interested in the future of StorNext, or wondering how others are using StorNext, be sure to join us for some fun conversations and fantastic drinks during the JB&A Workflow Tour.

Come out and meet some friends, have some drinks, and learn about how StorNext is being used in different environments. Be sure to meet us in the Synergy room at the Marriott on Tuesday from 4-6pm.

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Our media management solution is an end-to-end workflow from file creation through the life cycle of the media file. This tightly integrated solution will showcase the ability to find, share and protect your media assets for the future. Learn more >


With our live broadcast solution, you can manage the entire broadcast video workflow including: multiple camera ingest, transcoding and playback, streaming, storage, video management, workflow automation, routing, distribution and broadcast. Learn more >


Our indoor LED solution offers the tools you need to deploy an effective and complete digital display installation using the latest in LED video wall technology.


Our live production solution has everything you need to produce an event or show including live video switching, on-air graphics, telestration, live replays, multi-channel recording as well as video formatting, PTZ camera control, routing, conversion, storage, and streaming live and/or VOD to the internet. Learn more >


Come touch and see BrightSign digital signage in 4K. Learn how to create, manage and distribute beautiful content and get your message out to your audience.

Come understand what tools you need to deploy an effective and complete digital signage platform and find new ways to send your signage content whether around world or down the hall. Learn more >


With JB&A’s IP collaboration solution, you will learn the benefits of equipping your organization with robust and flexible ways to deliver your video and audio content around your organization.

This includes: sharing information inside your conference room; streaming important training or company meetings to all employees; providing breaking live news to decision makers; linking digital signage plus IPTV into a single solution; supporting 3rd party integration and emergency messaging; and the ability to capture and record video for later on-demand playback.  Learn more >


Big Data is everywhere we are. See how it can be used in your facility for media asset management, streaming, on-demand and security applications.

Come discuss with our team how to create an environment to replace aging storage or tier storage in your facility to create a road map all the way past the archive to your own personal cloud.

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