Intinor • Live Video Over Internet

Intinor Direkt products

Intinor develops products for high quality video and audio broadcast over computer networks. Their products are easy to use, mobile, robust, reliable and quiet.

  • Direkt Link: Compress and broadcast high quality video over the internet and other IP networks
  • Direkt Receiver: MPEG2/H.264-decoder receiving MPEG-streams
  • Direkt Router: Buffers and redistributes compressed video over IP networks
  • ISS: Statistics collection and supervision of video links

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Intinor Videos

Intinor using KA-sat

High quality – low latency

Bonding over 3g/4g with Intinor Direkt link 500/600 mobile

ÅF offshore race 2018 – contribution & distribution

Intinor – Bifrost Reliable Transport

Intinor Use Cases

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