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Intinor productsIntinor develops products for high quality point-to-point video and audio broadcast over the internet.

Their products are easy to use, mobile, robust and reliable. Intinor has Solutions for eSports, remote commentary, scheduling & automation, bonding & error correction, news & sport contribution, mobile production, and more.


  • Direkt Link: Compress & broadcast high quality video over the internet using a variety of protocols.
  • Direkt Receiver: Compress and broadcast high quality video over the internet using a variety of protocols.
  • Direkt Router: Receive and redistribute video streams using different protocols. Customize with options such as local video in/out, transcode, video mixer and much more.
  • ISS: Intinor Streaming Statistics – Statistics collection, supervision and remote control of your Direkt units.


  • BRT™ – Bifrost Reliable Transport for error correction, redudancy and network bonding
  • NDI® – Direkt link and router can be fitted with NDI inputs and/or outputs
  • SRT – Seruce reliable transport
  • Netvideo inputs – HLS pull and RTMP-input (creates RTMP url and stream key)
  • API – Our web interface is built on our API which gives customers the possiblity to create their own applications or to add the Direkt unit to their existing workflow. Also available as Ember+.
  • Intinor performance level 6 = x264 preset “SLOW” – High Quality in low bitrate for esports. Twitch calles it ”Twitch level 6”
  • Interoperability – Use your Intinor receiver or router to receiver from other encoders. A future proof all IP-infrastructure.

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Intinor Videos

New: Intinor Direkt Router lite Overview

BRT™ – Bifrost low latency streaming

BRT™ – Bifrost over over 4G and Fiber

BRT™ – Bifrost over KA-sat and 4G

BRT™ – Bifrost over KA-sat only

Intinor using KA-sat

Bonding over 3g/4g with Intinor Direkt link 500/600 mobile

Intinor – Bifrost Reliable Transport

Intinor Solutions

eSports solution
mobile productions solution
BRT Bifrost solution
remote commentary solution
news sports solutions
scheduling automation solutions
all IP infrastructure solution
Intinor Direkt

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