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New York

August 7–8
Austin, Texas at the TAB Show
Booth #514, 516, 518
Free tickets with code: JBA2024
Expires July 26
September 19
NYC, New York
Jay Conference
Date Coming Soon
Burbank, California
Date & Venue TBD
Stay Tuned for More Details!



Amsterdam, Netherlands




In a sea of webinars and expanse of sales presentations, we at JB&A sought to find a better, more entertaining, and fun way to inform and educate our audience in all things Broadcast Video. That’s why we came up with Techsplanation 2.0, a refresh of Vice President of Technology Nick Smith’s original episodic web show first aired in 2017. Techsplanation 2.0 is a LIVE show, still hosted by the one and only Nick Smith, with special guests, games, product demos, polls, Q&A, current events/news and more! This isn’t your grandpa’s livestream! We hope to see YOU in the audience of the next episode of Techsplanation 2.0!

Virtual on demands trainings are the future of online teaching, no more scheduling and coordinating, do them in your own time at your own pace in two simple steps

1- Watch the short video

2-Fill out the form and answer the questions

Grab a JB&A Webinar on Demand. We promise to never take more than a half hour of your time and never tell you when you have to watch it. Join anytime watch, learn and be eligible to win prizes for your time. Click on one of the webinars that interest you. An Email address will be required to enter the system before viewing. Each Webinar On Demand will be available for 4 weeks.