Tempest Lighting • Specialized enclosures for your projectors

Tempest is the world’s premier manufacturer of specialist outdoor enclosures for digital projectors, moving and conventional lighting instruments. Our Patented Digital Enclosure Control technology keeps your equipment cool when it’s hot, warm when it’s cold, and prevents harmful condensation.

Any Projector. Anywhere. Indoors, outdoors, the new generation Blizzard enclosures from Tempest will protect your investment and ensure long equipment life. Proven outdoors in every climate type, and now running silently in meeting rooms and theaters around the world.

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Tempest  Models & Resources

Blizzard G4 Outdoor Enclosures

The all-new Blizzard G4 family is the perfect outdoor enclosure solution for any projector from 5-15K lumens. Blizzard G4 comes in three sizes and three formats, Landscape, Portrait and Ultra Short Throw.

Whisper G4 Hush Enclosures

Whispr G4 is the all-new hush enclosure family with a solution for any projector 5-15k lumens. Whispr offers extremely quiet operation in meeting rooms, presentation suites, theatres and other noise-sensitive environments and is available in three sizes in Landscape, Portrait and Ultra Short Throw versions.

Typhoon G4 Rental & Staging Enclosures

Specifically developed for the needs of rental operations and event production houses, these sturdy but lightweight enclosures protect your projectors from weather, salt and oil fog, and accidental damage.

Cyclone G4 Outdoor Projector Enclosures

The new Cyclones are our best-ever outdoor enclosures, offering unparalleled protection for large format video projectors between 20-45k lumens, in any climate type. Cyclone enclosures are projector-specific and may be produced for you for any projector in Landscape, Portrait and Ultra Short Throw formats.

Tacit G4 Hush Enclosures for Large-Format Projectors

Tacit is the all-new enclosure family for quiet operation of big, noisy projectors in noise-sensitive areas such as digital cinema, training rooms, theatres and convention centers. Tacit models are projector-specific, and we can produce a Tacit enclosure for ant projector from 20-45k lumens.

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