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JB&A Podcast
Podcast-style video that transforms a sales presentation into a piece of highly digestible, “infotainment” content. Our engineers discuss product, solution, or use case in a round table / panel conversation. Vendor special guest(s) may also be brought in remotely to be interviewed.​ Great for customer success stories as well.
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Exertis Broadcast Podcast 1

Exertis Broadcast Podcast 2

Company announcement for internal use, or to the general public.​ Use these type of videos for mergers/acquisitions, new service launches, company anniversaries, and more.
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Corporate Announcement 1

Corporate Announcement 2


On the Bench
The “On the Bench” style of video focuses towards a slightly less technical audience in order to drive sales rather than get into the deep technical aspects of a product. Typically hosted by Nick Smith, the product’s main features are examined, and potential workflows are explored.
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On the Bench 1

On the Bench 2

2D Explainer
No practical footage, animation only video explanation of product, process, or workflow with voiceover.​
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2D Explainer 1

2D Explainer 2

3D Demo
3D-animated explanation of product, process, or workflow with voiceover or on camera talent. Great choice for specific use case workflow highlights or products that are too large to ship to the team. CAD/3D files may be requested for visualization.
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3D Demo 1

3D Demo 2

Product Review
Combination of live-action B roll and digital assets promoting features and specs of new product. ​(Note: Video is similar to “On the Bench” but without OTB branding.) ​Video is focused more on the products specs and less about a workflow.
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Product Review 1

Product Review 2

Tech Tutorial
Short video explaining how to accomplish a single task involving a particular piece of tech. Examples might included setting up a camera for the first time, or configuring settings in a web UI.
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Tech Tutorial 1

Tech Tutorial 2

Hot Set
“Hot Ones” style show setup with hot tenders of varying temperatures sent to 2 remote guests. Interview questions get progressively more in-depth with each degree of hot tender. The harder the question, the hotter the hot tender.

(Note: An in-person version is available. Vendor pays for all travel expenses.)

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Hot Set 1

Hot Set 2


On the Road
Similar concept to “On the Bench”, but Exertis shoots on-location at an install, warehouse, or company headquarters. ​Can include interview segments with employees, tours of the facility, etc.

(Note: + Vendor pays all travel expenses.)

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On The Road 1

On The Road 2

Product Training (max 4 videos)
Series of up to 4 lessons with a scholastic progression (basic to advanced) instructing the viewer on a product or piece of software, complete with demonstrations. If hosted on Vimeo, can also include interactivity.
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Product Training 1

Product Training 2

Videos Engage your audience. Tell your story.

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Our Video Production team is made up of broadcast professionals who are dedicated to telling YOUR story with flair (panache. pizzazz. polish.)

Nicholas Smith
Nick Smith | VP of Technology
Jordan Friday
Jordan Friday | Digital Content Manager
Delana Collins
Delana Collins | Digital Content Producer