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Sales Training Content Guidelines

Engineer Training Content Guidelines

These are the 5 main points your training should provide to enable our sales team in understanding where your product fits in with their customers. We’ve included some additional points to help get you started.

 1. Brief overview of product line.
a. Keep it broad with key features.
b. Product certification requirements.
c. How does it compare to competing products?

2. In what marketplaces are there opportunities for this product?
a. Who is making the purchasing decision?
b. What workflows does this product support?
c. What is the product being used for?
d. Complementary products.

3. Key questions to ask that help identify an opportunity.

4. What does our partnership with you look like?
a. Who does our sales team reach out to?
b. Do you provide leads?
c. Do you have a deal registration process?
d. Are there any accounts we can’t sell to?
e. Demo Support: Who do we engage to facilitate a demo onsite or online?

5. Share some case studies.

1. In depth view of the product. (For software training, please make licenses available to the team)
a. Discuss hardware requirements
b. Network requirements
c. How if fits in the larger solutions sell
d. Complementary and Competitive products
e. Installation process
f. Configurator process

1. Demo Instructions
a. Questions to ask before a demo or sales call with client
b. Key selling features to show
How to get support for demos or questions