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AMD | Advanced Mounting and Design

AMD · Custom Mounting Solutions

Based in Anaheim, California, Advanced Mounting & Design is here to deliver the most exciting AV products tailored to your specific needs. We offer quality service in the Audio Visual industry by manufacturing superior mounting solutions.

AMD has projects in many different sectors including: corporate, federal, and entertainment.

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Huge motorized LED wall
LED scissor mount
USASOC Hall of Heroes Digital Memorial Wall

AMD · Solutions

DirectView LED Wall Mounts

Advanced Mounting & Design’s mounts are designed to be compatible with any LED cabinet in the world. Their precise design allows for a completely seamless wall mount installation.

AMD DirectView LED Wall Mounts

Self-Supported Structures

Our self-supported structure is custom-made to meet your project’s specific needs. Constructed out of CNC-cut, precision-formed steel, it allows for tolerances to stay within thousands of an inch. The self-supported structure has additional fine-tune adjustment points to provide a virtually tight seamless installation. Compatible with any LED cabinet in the world

amd self supported led mounts

DirectView Ceiling Mount Solution

Advanced Mounting & Design will customize your mounting solution for any application that requires a ceiling mount solution. Its structural, yet precise, design works in any attachment method, whether we are attaching to an existing ceiling, I-beams, through dropped ceilings, all thread rod or any hard attachment points.

AMD DirectView LED Wall Mounts - 1
AMD | Advanced Mounting and Design

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