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Display solutions for every space, venue, and audience

Are you looking for the perfect display solution to engage your audience? Look no further! We have a wide range of reliable and robust video wall, projection, and processing technology to meet all your needs.

Our AV solutions are engineered to deliver stunning visuals while operating seamlessly, reliably, and efficiently. With solutions to suit any space – from a corporate lobby or control room to a live events venue and more, our smart technology delivers the impact you want, with the capabilities you need.

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New Products

NEW Christie Hedra Video Wall Packages

Looking for a seamless, hassle-free way to build the perfect digital signage or video wall solution?

Look no further! Christie introduces four meticulously designed LED/LCD video wall packages, each bundled with the cutting-edge Christie Hedra™ Standard video wall processor, to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Engineered to meet any diverse need, these 4 bundles are perfect for any corporate use case including boardrooms, meeting rooms, or lobbies, as well as indoor digital signage applications like retail, public signage, control rooms, and operation centers.

Christie Hedra Packages



Christie Terra Overview

Christie Terra® SDVoE solutions enable the transport, processing and control of audiovisual content over 10Gb Ethernet networks. Comprising a line-up of transmitters, receivers, processing, and control hardware and software, Terra includes everything required to design and integrate complete SDVoE systems for applications that demand the ultimate performance and quality.

Christie Terra groupSDVoE products, such as Christie Terra, foundationally solve a broad set of professional AV application requirements that are encountered in virtually every project. AV extension, AV switching, scaling, video wall, multi-viewer, EDID management, audio embedding and de-embedding, audio mixing and control routing. Two products used together in systems fulfill all these requirements configured in simple, highly scalable systems at prices that are more affordable than traditional AV technology.

What’s the advantage of using 10Gb Ethernet for AV transport vs using traditional AV switching products or streaming over 1 Gigabit networks? The 10G Ethernet switching supports transport of uncompressed video content. No compromise must be made in latency or quality – as occurs using AV streaming products on 1 Gigabit networks. Compared to traditional AV switching and transport, a 10Gb Ethernet network can support incredible scalability to very large system sizes beyond 1,000 endpoints at much more affordable prices. The 10GbE networked platform can also be easily expanded and built up over time. Ethernet switches are very dense. A one rack unit network switch can support 48 switching ports. This is a dramatically smaller size than an AV switch supporting a similar input/output capacity. SDVoE products all support video wall scaling, multi-viewer and KVM functions, which are not standard in traditional AV switching systems. System-wide EDID management and audio processing features simplify and make system integration vastly more efficient.

Terra® SDVoE solutions enable the transport, processing, and control of audiovisual content over 10GbE networks. Comprising a line-up of transmitters, receivers, processing and control, hardware and software, Terra includes everything required to design and integrate complete SDVoE systems for applications that demand the ultimate performance and quality.

Christie Terra Transmitter, Receiver & Controller

Processes audiovisual sources and control signals to deliver uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free 4K@60Hz content over 10GbE networks.

Accepts content and control connections using HDMI 2.0, USB, HDCP 2.2, DisplayPort 1.2, Serial RS-232, EDI


Delivers uncompressed audiovisual data and control from an SDVoE system to displays and other devices.

Full-signal management and processing including magnification, downscaling, KVM, PiP, image compositing, and multiviewer applications


Gives you complete, secure operational control and management of SDVoE systems.

Key Features
  • Support for 4K/60 content
  • Intelligent EDID and HDCP encryption ensures adaptability across multiple sources + displays
  • Uncompressed AV transport using SDVoE and 10Gb Ethernet
  • Flexible, scalable, cost-effective
  • Zero frame latency enables real-time monitoring + control of all networked devices
  • Multi-viewer and image compositing on a single output
  • Christie Terra gives you secure operational control of SDVoE systems
  • Synchronization across outputs for video walls or common signals
  • USB/KVM is standard on Christie Terra
  • High-quality processing for video wall magnification
Christie Terra flow diagram

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Featured Products

Christie Projectors

Christie’s broad range of 3LCD, 1DLP® and 3DLP® projection solutions deliver exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility and ease of use at a range of prices. view/download comparison chart

CHRISTIE INSPIRE SERIES – Full-featured 1DLP laser projector »


Christie 1DLPFeaturing uniform image quality, a range of performance features including 24/7 operation and the option of lamp or laser, our 1DLP projectors give you high performance that fits your budget and requirements.


Christie 3LDPWhether its lamp or laser you choose, our 3DLP projectors outshine the competition with exceptional image quality, consistent, reliable 24/7 operation, optimum performance.


Christie 3LCDBringing together performance, power and affordability, Christie’s 3LCD projectors allow you to scale your choice to your specs so you don’t overreach or overspend.

Pandoras Box Compact Player

Compact media player featuring up to two 4K outputs

The Christie® Pandoras Box Compact Player is a versatile hardware-based media player that is small in size but great in performance, reliability and power.

Featuring up to two 4K outputs, the Compact Player is ideal for professional applications. Built-to-order, the Compact Player meets your performance and budget requirements, whether it’s part of a cutting-edge digital signage installation, inside a modern museum, or even on board a cruise ship.

The Playlist feature makes it easy to play multiple media files in a row without the need of programming separate containers on a timeline sequence. An unlimited number of Compact Players can be centrally controlled and synchronized via network, using the Pandoras Box Manager Software.

Robust and reliable, the Compact Player is designed for 24/7 use and is built using server-grade hardware. [ Pandoras Box Brochure pdf ]

pandoras box compact player

Christie Spyder X80 multi-screen windowing processor

80 megapixel, true 4K/60Hz performance across multiple displays.

Christie Spyder X80The Christie Spyder X80 is the most powerful multi-screen windowing processor and content management solution available.

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