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Kiloview is a professional hardware manufacturer and software developer in the field of IP- based video transmission and management – with products across the range of video encoding, decoding, conversion, IP- based video switching and streaming, including SDI/HDMI (HD or 4K UHD) to IP via H.264/H.265/NDI by Ethernet, WiFi or 4G- LTE/5G- LTE, etc.

New Products!

Kiloview CUBE X1 Distribution System

A Turnkey Solution for NDI Multiplexed Distribution

Unlock the Reliable and Cost-effective NDI Distribution

Kiloview CUBE X1 redefines NDI signal management with its extraordinary capabilities. Designed for scheduling, routing and switching, distribution, and management of NDI signals, it accommodates up to 16 channel NDI inputs and 32 channel NDI outputs.

Its lag-free transitions ensure seamless NDI source switching while offering features like multiple distributions, multi-business grouping and NDI signals rotation playback. Supporting various NDI formats including NDI High Bandwidth, NDI|HX3 and NDI|HX2, CUBE X1 seamlessly interoperate with any NDI device.

The LCD touchscreen empowers real-time monitoring, network, storage and CPU usage tracking. From live events to studio setups, CUBE X1 stands as a dynamic tool for efficient NDI signal facilitation.

• Non-multicast Multiplex Distribution
• Seamless Switching
• Up to 16 CH of NDI Inputs and 32 NDI Outputs
• Compatible with NDI Signals of Any Formats and Devices
• Duplication and Routing Mode

Kiloview CUBE R1 Recorder System

Up to 9CH NDI Sources Recording, Any Resolution, Any format

  • Up to 9CH video preview and recording in synchronized status with 1/4/9 grids for preview.
  • Auto-discovery of NDI sources in the same network, or any NDI sources in other networks by NDI Discovery Server.
  • Recording file in the format of .mov, with fixed-size or fixed length by SSD or NAS*.
  • NDI High Bandwidth/NDI|HX3*/NDI|HX2 supported.

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

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Kiloview E3

Dual-Channel 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI HEVC Video Encoder

Flexible, Powerful, Professional: A New Generation Of Video Encoder

Kiloview E3 solves all your problems with its HDMI&SDI I/O and upgraded encoding performance. Its flexibility helps to fit in various working scenarios including sports, live events, education and much more. E3’s Powerful encoding performance enables you to encode video sources from dual inputs and to do multi-destination live streaming which elevates your production capabilities.


• 4K HDMI&3G-SDI dual inputs

• Encoding both HDMI and 3G-SDI video inputs in H.265 and H.264 simultaneously;

• Mixing both video sources into one output in PIP or PBP mode

• Recording & OSD supported

• NDI|HX2/ NDI|HX3/ SRT/ RTMP/ RTSP/ UDP/ HLS supported;

• Supports streaming to 16 destinations with adjustable bitrate up to 100Mbps simultaneously.



P3 5G Bonding Video Encoder

Your Premium Outdoor Live Streaming Encoder

Kiloview P3 is a new generation of 5G bonding video encoder based on KiloLink, supporting multi connections bonding: 4-channel 5G cellular network, WIFI and Ethernet. P3 is equipped with dual video inputs of 3G-SDI and HDMI with resolution up to 4Kp30 through its HDMI input and up to 1080p60 through its SDI input.

Upgraded H.265 encoding capability and perfectly adaption to KiloLink Server ensure the best quality of multi-protocol live streaming and video transmission.

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Kiloview · Featured Products


4K HDMI/USB to NDI Bi-Directional Converter

  • NDI and NDI|HX, encoding and decoding in one unit
  • Better color performance: up to YCbCr 4:2:2 and 10bits color depth
  • Bring 4K USB video into NDI
  • High quality ultra-low latency of end-to-end transmission
  • Built-in IPS LCD screen: Quick, smart and clear presentation for intuitive live direction
  • Scroll wheel: Customize user settings with ultimate ease

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The Power to Connect all Kiloview devices

The KiloLink, is an all-new technology innovated by Kiloview, designed to optimize media transmission by any Kiloview device. KiloLink provides conventional or multi-link bonding network transmission that is stable and efficient, performing significantly better than the traditional TCP protocol.

With a variety of applications including wireless outdoor use and device management and streaming, the VPN-based technology is simple to deploy, providing you with ultimate control of your data across your devices. Available now for shipping.

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Kiloview N50 is a full-functional NDI converter that uses the leading FPGA technologies, advanced-level AVC/HEVC algorithm, and NDI algorithm. It supports encoding/decoding within one unit which meets all your demands regarding IP-based video transmission.

N50 supports 12G-SDI format encoding/decoding of both NDI High-bandwidth and NDI|HX2/3* by H.264/H.265.

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

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Multiview Pro

Multiview Pro is the upgraded professional version of Kiloview Multiview Player delivering centralized management of multiple NDI© streams with monitoring and real-time switching.

It allows adding unlimited NDI sources for monitoring through on-premise NDI servers or Discovery Server. Multiview Pro supports decoding multiple channels of NDI High Bandwidth, NDI|HX2 & NDI|HX3* video streams from any vendor in resolutions up to 4K 60p to your display (Max 20 channels per window), PC HDMI port or via NDI.

Multiview Pro is now available on macOS.

*: NDI|HX3 feature is under development and we will confirm when it has been certified by NDI.

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