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kvm-tec KVM Extender over IP are in Full HD, 4K, 12 GSDI and as Multiview Commander systems the ideal KVM products for a flexible system architecture over IP

With the in-house developed USB2.0 transparent technology and a latency of 0.47ms, the extenders are unbeatable on the market in terms of USB flexibility and latency.

Looking for a Superfast KVM system with no delay for matrix switching capable of up to 2000 endpoints or more?

Kvm-Tec extenders are developed in house with the latest in switching technology. With Kvm-Tec there is almost no limitation in the number of endpoints in the switching system and with their control software Switching Manager, endpoints can be monitored and managed remotely.

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KVM Tec · Featured Products

Single redundant and dual versions, sound embedded , FlexLine is compatible with standard network components. 4 single or 4 dual extenders in 1RU. Matrix switching systems up to 1000 endpoints for high security in critical applications, FLEXline single extenders are redundant.

Ultraslim 4K Displayport 1.2 Extender over IP. DP1.2 Extender single over IP with a resolution of 4096 x 2160 @60 Hz in fiber for distances up to 300m/984ft  – 120km//74mi  opt, for matrix switching systems up to 2000 endpoints (Switch Layer 3)Super ultrawide 5K resolution of 5120x 1440@60 Hz with embedded sound. Upgrade Simultaneous Downscaling 4K sources can be displayed simultaneously in 4K and with downscaling in Full HD on the remote unit

The new Flexible KVM DimensionIn this ultra-flexible KVM Multiview Commander system, up to 16 sources, in Full HD or 4K can be combined and displayed on a 4K monitor with one mouse and keyboard, scaled and operated as desired.

  • up to 16 sources can be displayed on one monitor, scaled and operated as desired.

  • each source can be up/downscaled and operated

  • picture in picture display & overlapping windows

  • pictures can be moved flexibly across different monitors

  • picture sections can be cut out and displayed

  • several monitors can be combined to a video wall

  • Scalable Mouse Glide & Switch e.g. 4 monitors in 4K can display up to 64 images in real time

  • Multihead within one monitor

KVM Tec · Videos

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