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Newtek CaptureCast

The CaptureCast is an IP-based lecture capture and micro-broadcasting services that connect any room on campus or any meeting space to anywhere in the world! All thanks to the power of NDI®.

The latest version of NDI®, NDI® 5, brings a wealth of new features that even seasoned NDI® users will find valuable for video production. With NDI® 5 everyone can easily share live video with anyone else in real-time, using billions of devices. With a single download, creators and producers gain the ability to integrate more source devices and applications into their workflow, insert more content into their shows, and expand video opportunities throughout their network.

Captivate more viewers at your events—and beyond.

Gain a competitive advantage with 3Play® 3P2.

Venues looking to enhance the event atmosphere and extend their brands online, or broadcasters engaging audiences at home and increasing program exposure—anyone can use NewTek 3Play® 3P2 to make small events look like network-style shows and turn large events into experiences that audiences will never forget.

TriCaster Mini X

Freedom in Live Production

TriCaster Mini X gives producers at any level the freedom to create and share video wherever and whenever they want using anything from a smartphone to a 4K camera – truly demonstrating the power of software-defined visual storytelling.

Accessibility, Unlocked

Bringing the possibilities of professional live video production to anyone with a story to tell – without vast investments in infrastructure.

Flexibility, Attained

Off-the-shelf HDMI devices connect directly to the Mini X in minutes creating professional level productions without having to purchase any new equipment.

Scalability, Achieved

As part of the NewTek ecosystem of products, users can take advantage of the many ways to scale-up their productions to suit any need.

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NewTek · Videos

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