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Software-Defined Storage

Modernize Without Disruption

Replace ineffective methods with automated solutions for data protection, placement, update and retrieval. Adopt a software-defined approach without impacting users – with the confidence in technology proven in over 10,000 customers across the globe for over 20 years.

Explore Software-Defined Solutions for Block, File, and Object Storage

Software-defined storage (SDS) is a technology used in data storage management that intentionally separates the functions responsible for provisioning capacity, protecting data and controlling data placement from the physical hardware on which data is stored.

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Featured Products

Object Storage for Video

The media-focused object storage platform with built-in security, analytics, and intuitive interfaces providing future-proof access to your content from anywhere.

It can be implemented as a stand-alone or as a part of a unified storage platform by synchronizing across multiple geographies with built-in disaster recovery, business continuity, and global collaboration with other Object Matrix installations or 3rd party cloud services.

          • Media & Entertainment
          • Enterprise IT
          • High Performance Computing
          • Cloud Storage
          • Healthcare
          • Government

Content Archive

Reduce costs and complexity by offloading content from expensive primary on-line workspace or public cloud to cost-predictable, fast, scalable, and flexible in-facility archive. Accelerate workflows with always-on content access, using a powerful web-based search tool for fast content browse and search. Deploy on your choice of standard x86 servers and storage from a vendor of your choice.

          • Sports Media
          • Broadcast
          • Studios/Post
          • VFX/Esports
          • Corporate Video
          • House of Worship


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