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PTZOptics · Broadcast, Conference & Streaming Cameras + HuddleCam · USB Cameras

The PTZOptics camera line consists of four pan tilt zoom cameras with HDMI, HD-SDI, USB 3.0, IP Streaming and/or CVBS video outputs. The ability to stream video and audio from every camera is a unique feature for PTZOptics which allows camera control from any computer on the same network or android device with the PTZOptics camera app.

PTZOptics Link 4K – Now Shipping: the Link 4K, a Dante-enabled auto-tracking PTZ camera

Your Dante Workflow is About to Get Easier

Ready to add video to your Dante setup? With Dante AV-H™ and the latest in auto-tracking capabilities, the Link 4K fits easily into even the most complex Dante design or workflow. The Link 4K combines broadcast quality with Dante’s simple discovery, set up and management, simplifying and professionalizing any video production installation. Available in 12X, 20X, and 30X.


PTZOptics Cameras

PTZOptics Move 4K – Now Shipping: the Move 4K, a 4K auto-tracking PTZ camera

A New Standard for PTZ Cameras

      • Auto-tracking
      • 4K at 60fps (1080p at 60fps over SDI)
      • High performance in low-light scenarios
      • PoE+ capabilities
      • Built-in tally light
      • Available in 12x, 20x, and 30x


PTZOptics Move SE – Now Shipping: Advanced PTZ Auto-Tracking, Now More Attainable than Ever

Feature-Packed and Built to Scale

      • Auto-tracking
      • HDMI, SDI, USB and IP outputs
      • 1080p at 60fps
      • NDI®|HX upgradeability
      • SONY CMOS image sensors
      • Available in 12x, 20x, and 30x
      • Ideal for live streaming and video production


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PTZOptics & HuddleCamHD · Videos

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PTZOptics wireless cable
ptzoptics pt-joy-g4
ptzoptics move 4k unboxing
ptzoptics superjoy overview
ptzoptics studio pro unboxing

PTZOptics & HuddleCamHD · Resources

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