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For over 40 years, Seagate has been offering the most innovative and easily integrated storage services built on trust, affordability, and ease. Delivering a seamless experience at the best value, Seagate is the enterprise storage manufacturer that designs and builds its entire system, creating unparalleled partner integration and compatibility.

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A New Footprint for Smaller Racks

Seagate Exos® CORVAULT™ is a high-performance block storage system with multi-petabyte capacity, five-nines availability, hyperscale efficiencies, and breakthrough self-healing, sustainable technology.


Key Advantages

 – Hyperscale Efficiency
 – Sustainability and Cost Savings
 – High Capacity
 – Superior Data Availability
 – System Data Protection
 – Self-Healing Hard Drives
 – Simplicity
 – High Disk System Performance
 – Maximum Security
 – Dependable Technology


Self-healing, self-managed storage for hands-off performance 

Exos E 5U84 

Expansion JBOD with industry leading capacity 

Exos X 2U24

Tightly integrated RAID array for maximum capacity and performance 

Exos AP 2U12

Consolidate compute and storage in one chassis 

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