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Welcome to SFS-Media. We are a world-class enterprise HSM middleware company focusing on helping broadcasters and content creators manage the storage and movement of one of their most valuable assets: their content.

SFS Media maintains focus on two areas of the market.

First and foremost, we strive to deliver the best archive middleware in the market for mid-size to enterprise-level customers. We make it run smoothly and efficiently with a light hardware footprint. And we offer the solution with a commercial model that aligns with our customers.

Secondly, we answer the consistently reoccurring need to move large amounts of content from one place to another. Whether it is from one version of LTO tape to another or from an on-premise repository to the cloud, SFS Migrate can execute the shift and remove the friction points while the process proceeds during business as usual for our users.

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SFS Media· Featured Products

SF Archive

SFS Archive is a robust digital archiving solution designed to securely store and manage your digital assets. It offers an intuitive platform that simplifies the preservation of valuable media files, ensuring long-term accessibility and protection.

  • Long-term storage: Provides secure, scalable solutions for preserving digital content indefinitely.
  • Easy retrieval: Enables quick search and access to archived files with user-friendly management tools.
  • High data integrity: Maintains the highest standards of data protection and backup to safeguard against loss.

SF Migrate

With an automated process SF-Migrate moves content in the most efficient way. With LTO technology as an example, content is moved tape by tape and not per asset. Metadata will be migrated and relevant applications from your eco-system are updated without interrupting you daily routine.

  • Efficient data transfer: Streamlines the process of moving data between systems with minimal downtime.
  • Secure migration: Utilizes advanced encryption to protect data during transit.
  • Compatibility: Supports a wide range of storage platforms, enhancing flexibility in data management.
  • Automated processes: Offers customizable automation features to simplify the migration tasks.

SFS Media· Videos & Resources

SF Archive Dashboard Demo and walkthrough

SF Archive Job Queue Demo and Walkthrough

SF Archive Search Demo and Walkthrough

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