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For over 50 years, Vislink has been a global technology leader in the capture, delivery, and management of high-quality live video from the scene of the action to the viewing screen. We’re powering the next generation of live event production with cutting-edge solutions that include AI-automated technologies, emerging bonded cellular and 5G systems, and innovative remote production and live streaming platforms.Our growing international global customer base includes high-profile clients in the following sectors:

1. Broadcast Networks/ENG2. Live Production Broadcast Firms3. Content Owners and Venues (Teams, Leagues, Facilities)4. Outside Broadcast Service Providers5. Motor Sports6. House of Worship/Industrial Corporate

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Featured Products

MVP vPilot

Vislink’s vPilot automated studio production system uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to automatically point and dynamically cut between multiple camera views.

By intelligently responding to the presenter discussions the vPilot automated director delivers dynamic and immersive programming that holds the viewer’s attention and build audience engagement without the need for a skilled and costly production crew.

vPilot automatically detects studio presenters and adjusts the camera shot to accommodate to their position on-set. Using a combination of AI-driven facial recognition and intelligent audio analysis, vPilot directs the production to deliver a dynamic program that responds to the presenters’ actions.

MVP TrolleyLive

The TrolleyLive is an all-in-one, 2-way interview solution for remote bureau and quick-deploy situations. The Vislink TrolleyLive delivers broadcast quality video by utilizing high-quality optics and professional-grade video encoding.

Through a combination of multi-SIM bonded cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, Trolley-Live can be on-air in moments with reliable connectivity from almost any global location.

The Vislink TrolleyLive utilizes a high quality, large lens PTZ camera delivering full resolution 1080p50/59.94 video format – making the TrolleyLive a significant step-up in video quality from webcam/Zoom solutions.

MVP BaseLink 5G

The Vislink BaseLink 5G bonded cellular transmitter delivers the perfect package of high functionality in a small form-factor, making it ideal for newsgathering and other on-the-move applications.

With its fully integrated 5G technology, users can be confident of accessing high data-rate, low-contention connectivity. Featuring cellular bonding across as many as six modems plus Ethernet and Wi-Fi, the BaseLink 5G allows users to go live over any connection medium.

It is a compelling solution for on-the-go applications where performance, compact size and low weight are key to ease of operations.

MVP DataLink Hotspot

The Vislink DataLink is a portable internet hotspot that provides up to 1 GBs of data throughput — enabling high-rate global IP communication. The hotspot employs bonded cellular connectivity to aggregate the best available data connection.

With support for 5G and up to eight modems, the DataLink can bring high-speed connectivity to the edge wherever the user roams. With support for Layer 2 IP routing, DataLink provides secure transparent remote access to corporate network infrastructure — allowing remote high-speed private access to critical data and communications anywhere in the world.

MVP UltraLink

The UltraLink is the most technologically advanced mobile encoder available today. It is the first bonded backpack transmitter providing true 4K, making it extremely popular with global broadcasters for creating high quality and low-latency video feeds for outside broadcast and live remote production.

The UltraLink supports up to four cameras simultaneously and is capable of supporting up to 40Mb/s over bonded networks. It can transmit back to a studio or to the cloud using up to eight 44G/5G modems, Wi-Fi, LAN and/or satellite and can bond all these connections to make a single high-bandwidth connection.

The UltraLink can optimize the video feed based on the available bandwidth, ensuring-high quality video even in the most demanding situations. Its lightweight and modest size allows it to fit into a backpack and is AC or battery powered.

MVP TerraLink

The Vislink TerraLink encoder family includes portable servers purpose-built for professional outside broadcast and other point-to-point live streaming needs.

The 19” rack mountable units are designed for professional outside broadcast (OB) and remote production live streaming applications and are upgradable with bonded cellular modems. TerraLinks can be used in SNG trucksOB vans or studio set-ups to send live video streams reliably, in high-quality and with low latency.

The TerraLink offers cutting-edge REMI features including RCP control, Tally Light control, and an enhanced IFB intercom powered by integrated PreSonus hardware. It provides four camera inputs, variable video quality and bandwidth settings per camera to optimize moving footage.

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