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Stream Like a Pro:
Unlock the Power of Live Streaming

    • Whether you’re live streaming company meetings, trainings, or events – how do you manage the multiple inputs of audio and video to ensure an enjoyable experience for the audience?
    • From live streaming basics to advance production, this guide breaks down the benefits of each and their equipment needs. Explore content types and discover how TriCaster® systems offer versatile, feature-rich streaming solutions for all production levels.

TriCaster: Revolutionizing Live Video Production

When it comes to live production – the TriCaster is one of the most trusted and reliable multi-camera video production systems you can have.

All-in-one Solution: A TriCaster combines the functions of a video switcher, graphics generator, video recorder, and streaming encoder into a single device.

Easy to Use: With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls, TriCaster makes it easy for operators to control the multiple aspects of production under pressure.

High-quality output: With high-quality video output, support for multiple HD and 4K video inputs, and a variety of video output formats, the production always looks professional.

Customizable: TriCasters allow operators to create a unique production with the ability to add and customize graphics, animations, transitions.


TriCaster Models Include:

  • 2 Elite
  • 1 Pro
  • TC1
  • TC410 Plus
  • Mini 4K
  • Mini X

TriCaster Flex Dual

The TriCaster Flex Dual is the most powerful control panel yet, offering unmatched connectivity and features. It allows operators to effortlessly control any video switcher on the network via NDI, customize workflows with delegate and utility rows, and expand I/O capabilities instantly.

  • Effortlessly control any video switcher via NDI.
  • Configurable delegate and utility rows for unique workflows.
  • Instantly expand the I/O of any TriCaster with onboard audio control.
  • Minimize the need for mouse and keyboard with direct control options.
  • 24 direct cross points and dynamic menu systems for greater production control.
  • Full-size joystick for precise cropping, positioning, and panning.

Experience the ultimate in control, connectivity, and creativity with the TriCaster Flex Dual Panel.

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TriCaster Mini-Go

Don’t let it’s size fool you – the TriCaster Mini Go comes with the powerful Live Link feature as standard. The TriCaster Mini Go’s simple but powerful features make it the perfect TriCaster for anyone getting into production and streaming.

  • Social media publication
  • Multichannel audio mixing
  • Real-time monitoring and multiviewers



TriCaster Now

The broadcast quality you expect from a TriCaster is also available in the cloud! With the TriCaster Now, creatives can effortlessly produce and deliver top-tier video conent from any corner of the globe.

 Versatile: Ideal for seasonal or ad hoc productions with remote teams. Set up a fully functional switcher in less than ten minutes.

 Flexible: Designed to expand and adapt to evolving production requirements. 



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Stream Like a Pro: Unlock the Power of Live Streaming